Fix Gmail “Oops something went wrong message could not be sent”

Gmail is facing an issue right now. Some email that is sent to non gmail addresses or emails with attachments is not sending due to some error on google side.

Fix Gmail "Oops something went wrong message could not be sent"

Keep an eye on Google Gmail Status page here :

As we don’t know what the exact problem is we can try some solutions that might help.

How to fix Gmail Oops something went wrong message

To fix this try the following solutions:

1. Reset your network settings

Sometimes when your internet is not working you can reset your Network settings by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Choose Network TroubleShooter option to check and fix any network issues.

2. Try using another Browser to send your emails

Sometimes gmail might not work properly if the latest browser update for chrome or firefox might have broken some code on gmail. So try other browser like Microsoft Edge or Opera.

3. Use an alternative Email for now ( Best solution )

You can use an alternative email like yahoo or a business email like [email protected] you can setup it using to get free business emails if this gmail and Google issues lasts a longer time.

Here are some free alternatives to gmail

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If the above solution’s din’t work for you, We can only wait until gmail fixes the issue.

Hope you were able to find the problem that’s making gmail show the Cannot send email error.