1635760535 scaled - The Versatility of Hats and How the Different Styles can Complement your Fashion Sense - Tips for your OOTD

The Versatility of Hats and How the Different Styles can Complement your Fashion Sense – Tips for your OOTD

Over the years, the fashion world has witnessed the versatility of hats. For the most part, hats are donned as a fashion accessory, and rightfully so. With various hat styles available globally, you can wear the accessory almost anywhere and not seem unbecoming. Moreover, the headgear can be a styling accessory that upgrades your outfit! Below are a few tips that can help you adorn that super fashionable accessory the best way you can!


A few components you must consider when selecting a hat style:


Head size


A simple rule is when hats are in question, the bigger the head, the hat size should be equally more enormous. It may look like an obvious factor, but many individuals make a mistake and wear hats that are not the correct size. Harsh truth, but it is pretty unflattering. A big head donning a smaller hat looks odd. On a similar note, a tiny head donning an enormous hat in no way gives a look you want!


Features and face shape


Different hat styles complement additional features and face conditions. Hats, like sunglasses, look flattering on some face shapes, while not so much on others. For instance, wide-brimmed angular hats look better on oval faces, while short-brimmed hats look flattering on heart-shaped or round faces. On the other hand, a beanie complements all types, be it long or short-haired individuals.

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Keeping the above factors in mind, the hat styles you can choose from include:


Wide-brimmed hats

Wide-brimmed hats like straw hats are known to be popularly loved by celebrities. Initially, the hat was designed to protect against harsh weather elements, like the sun’s harmful rays, and prevent heatstroke. But in recent times, it widely used as a fashion accessory. With a wide-brim pulled towards the forehead, it gives a mysterious look. You can pair this style with dark sunglasses and hide your face behind the wide brim. If you are looking for a different or a genuine vibe, opt for a small hat.

You can wear this hat style with most formal outfits, or for a more casual OOTD, choose a dress and a pair of heels!


Woven Hats 

Woven hats are for more casual outings, mostly beach days, lightweight and breathable as such, you can pair the hat style with wedges, a pair of shorts, and a summery top. They come out of plant fiber and are best for warm weather regions.



Although seen as parts of the uniform, Berets are now a fashion accessory that looks way cooler than other hat styles. It is a classy look, and you can club it with a suit. You can also pair a beret with trousers and converse!

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Baseball caps

Plenty of people consider baseball caps linked to sports activities or got reserved for athletes. However, baseball caps are versatile, and people use them for all sorts of outings. You can pair it with a colorful sweater or denim overalls. You can also wear it backward and add spice to your OOTD! Furthermore, Baseball caps also look great with work outfits, including a dress and a skirt.



Beanies are woolen caps and are fitted tightly over the head. There is no perfect or wrong way of wearing a beanie. However, some beanie styles have a pom-pom on the top, while others are snugly fit. These hat styles are made for colder weather and tend to keep you comfortable and warm throughout. You can pair your beanie with a turtleneck sweater, boots, and dark blue jeans. And you are good to rock the cold weather in style!


Flat caps

Flat caps or tweed caps got famous due to historical period dramas and made a fashion comeback early this year. It was earlier in the days worn by English hunters. However, it is not among the favorites of proper gentlemen but is used as fashion accessories quite often. You can pair this style with formals and casuals, and it is bound to raise your style quotient.

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You can also pair the flat cap with a suit and a perfect set of heels. Alternatively, it also looks fabulous with jeans and casual t-shirts for a day outing. These hat styles come out of cotton, tweed, or denim. Make sure you get a size smaller so that it falls right above your ears. Otherwise, the sides may have extra flopping fabric.


Bucket hats

Another style includes bucket hats. These are cloth caps, usually worn for outings like fishing, but recent times have witnessed bucket hats as a significant part of fashion. It is laid back and highly comfortable for day outings. Further, you can flaunt it with almost any sort of hairstyle.

You can pair your bucket hat with jeans or shorts and boots. It would help if you discovered the basics before styling the hat to become a showstopper in any event.


The above is a comprehensive view about the different types of hats available in the fashion market today. You can depend on the expert online hat makers to guide you to make the best selection.