5 Tips To Dog-Proof Your Vehicle

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Going out on vacation with your four-limbed best friend can be the most mesmerizing thing on earth. If you pet loves the car, take him for travelling. This way you don’t have to worry about him being alone. Moreover, he can accompany you on the upcoming vacations and have fun. But if you are not too cautious about your dog’s safety, the most joyous riding experience can bring the worst aftermath. So, to prevent yourself from getting into any chaos while driving, you must keep your pet secure.


No wonder keeping your little puppy or big doggo at the back hutch of your car makes your driving a lot safer and sounder. But what can be disappointing is the high risk of danger to your pet. Considering the worst, the science behind car crashes with pets is limited, and very few products can boost your dog’s security in a time of accidents.


And while a majority of dogs would love to go on a ride with their master, there’s no denying how those claws, fur, and slobber can do so much damage to your vehicle’s interior. You can make a travel bag for you pet and some some essential things like first aid kit, dry tissues, lint roller and a seat protector. 


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In a nutshell, both the dog’s safety and your safety while driving are the two determining parameters while taking your dog to an outing. This is where making your car dog-proof becomes the most fundamental step. And to practice a secure method, here are the ways to do so.

  1. Selecting A Car Cover Or Hammock For Your Vehicle


You may consider your vehicle’s upholstery as an ideal place for your dog to sit. The most crucial part is that some car seats prevent a mess from the hair and dirt over your backseat. Multiple seat covers range from cost-effective to expensive customized variants. As it’s challenging to choose one from multiple offerings, it is better to find the pet seat cover that works for your vehicle. If you prefer car hammocks, you can always choose them over the car covers. 


For car hammocks, you need to attach them to both the front and back seat headrests. Given that it covers the whole back seat portion, it also protects your car from your pet’s drool, hair, and other food messes. You can also think of installing a mounting bracket like GoPro roof rack mounting brackets for capturing beautiful memories with your pet while on your voyage. Installation of these brackets is easy, and they will allow you to fit the camera at any angle you want. 


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  1. Choosing A Barrier


While your car hammock or cover is your entry point to making your car dog-proof, there are other accessories that you cannot deny owning. You need not forget that your canine companion requires something more than just a car seat cover, something incarcerating (if it’s a puppy).


To prevent your pup from getting squeezed between doors and seats, a barrier would be a fantastic instalment. As little ones tend to wander, it may distract you from driving consciously. 


If you have a bigger car (something like SUVs), you can choose a barrier and keep your small pup inside it. Choose something that’s not too flimsy nor too clumsy when it’s about assembling and installing it.


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  1. Getting A Dog Harness


Keeping your dog at the hatch’s back might make driving more secure and safer. But do you think it is the safest option out there in the deadly times of a crash? The answer is a simple NO.

The science associated with crash testing with dogs has limitations. Some products can keep them protected during emergency hours, and a harness is one of them. 


Of the certified harness varieties existing in today’s marketplace, choose according to your preference. Slip its seatbelt beneath the rear loop. It gives the dog freedom to lie down or sit up or when they intend to and also has mounting points for a backpack. Although these accessories are expensive, it’s a good take on behalf of your dog. After all, safety and comfort are what your dog requires while enjoying its moments with you on a road voyage.

  1. Purchasing A Long Ramp


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Larger and older doggos will someday require the need for getting out and in the car. You may provide your help to the dog, but that, of course, depends on the car’s back. Ramps come as the safest answer to resolving this problem. Although you can get a shorter ramp anywhere in the market, consider a larger one.


Given that you may upgrade your car anytime in the future, it is better to keep a long ramp. Those shaky and flimsy ramps would complicate and scare the dog.


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  1. Using Nail Caps for Your Canine Friend and Covering the Window


Nothing is better than covering the sharp nails of your doggo with the nail caps when putting them into vehicles. This way, they can’t rip the leather seat covers even if they scratch. You can attach these nail caps using a bit of adhesive, and they will serve you for about five weeks. 


Besides that, do not forget to wrap the window glasses with a transparent cover. Thus, the saliva of your furry friend will not damage the window, even if they take their head out or lick the glass. Once the trip is over, simply remove the cover.

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These are the five best tips that will make your car safe and sound for your furry companion. Also, remember to get some accessories for their eye protection and hydrate them properly before putting them into the car. Dogs require around one ounce of water each day as per their body weight (measured per pound). So, follow these plans and provide a stress-free, safe journey to you and your pet.