How Technological Advancement Affected Mens health Since the beginning of the 21st century 31426 1 - How Technological Advancement Affected Men’s health Since the beginning of the 21st century?

How Technological Advancement Affected Men’s health Since the beginning of the 21st century?

In this article, we are going to discuss various disadvantages of technology on men’s health. Yes, if you see closely, all of the factors have started influencing our lives in both positive and negative ways. Undoubtedly, the rise and development in technology have been a big boon for us in some ways, but it has also made up prone to certain health disorders. 

How Technological Advancement Affected Men’s health

Experts say that since the dawn of the 21st century, there has been a very high-paced development in making human lives tech-driven. You will have to think very closely as technology has deeply engulfed our lives that it can almost be difficult to find out. 

From your morning wake-up alarm to your late-night posts on Facebook and Instagram, we are heavily reliant on technology, and not all of that is beneficial. Sometimes men have to suffer from severe health implications in the form of various health disorders and diseases. 

Both our minds and our physical bodies can be affected by our long-term relationship with technology, and here we will find out some valuable information about them. 

It seems that some of the points can be so common and known to you, but still, you cannot take the ideal steps to reduce your overdependence on your technology. 

We will try to hammer those problems that you face once again and make you beware of how you can come out with real implementing solutions through this post. 

Eye problems

If there is something that comes to your mind, then it has to be eye problems. Our handheld gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and others have become so lovable that we almost cannot live without them. 

Most of us will keep our eyes fixated on the mobile screens till late at night. And when the day begins, they are already up and working on computers and laptops late till evening or night. 

Sometimes you just have this feeling about being alienated from the outside world if you are not watching TVs or simply fudging around on your mobile or laptop screens.


Obesity or weight gain may not be a direct cause of technological advancements, but it is related to technological advancements. 

We have made our lives easier in many ways by taking the help of technological advancements and electronic gadgets. A simple example would be to prefer using our car when going to our offices, the supermarket, or even dropping our kids at school.

We don’t prefer walking but instead using our vehicles because that saves time too, which is true. But sometimes, saving time should not be a higher priority than your health. You have to find ways to make your bodywork and stress to the required levels, or else weight gain is almost imminent.

Immunological problems

Not only have we become less active, gaining more weight, but it seems that we are growing immunologically weaker with rising technical advancements. When you ask doctors and researchers, they all have to say that there are several indirect relationships. 

First of all, when you live in a tech-driven society, our bodies have become comfier, and we somehow cannot stress out and work hard as our elders do.

You must have seen this thorough variety of examples in your daily life. Most of us would prefer to lie on the bed, eat chips, and watch Netflix on holidays rather than sweating it out at the gym. But we don’t know that this is causing our immune systems to grow weaker and weaker.  

Sleep disorders

How long do you keep gazing at Facebook posts and providing status updates on Whatsapp at night? Somehow our smartphones have become such big friends that we would rather stay awake late till night glaring on the fluorescent screens till late at night.

If there is a big health challenge arising out of it, then it has to be sleep disorders. Unknowingly due to our long-term habits, most of our sleep-wake cycles are getting hampered. And guess what… you don’t even know how far-reaching the consequences can be when you have sleep problems. 

You might even be surprised to know that men can even suffer from sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, a lack of erection disorder. 

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And there is a list of other physical disorders such as cardiac issues, digestive disorders, liver and kidney disorders, and psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression that might come in your way of leading a normal life.

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