5 Delicious Ways To Suppress Aging

Ideal nutrition involves consuming the right amount as well as the quality of food. It determines the vital functions and your ability to fight off microbial attacks. Also, the right kind of diet and regimen you follow can slow down the effects of aging on your body. In turn, it enhances the skin texture, limits oxidative stress, and strengthens your metabolism. 


Some foods can help suppress aging. Also, you can boost the quality of the skin and limit inflammation by incorporating skin-enriching foods into your diet.  It’s about time that you limit the facial products and serums and resort to the healthy ways that slow down aging. Here are five delicious foods that can help you overcome signs of aging.


  1. CBD-Infused Meals 


A delicious yet healthy way to suppress aging and other inflammatory signs involve the usage of CBD. You can try the CBD-infused recipes that curb inflammation and relieve chronic pains. It works by interacting with your brain receptors concerned with the endocannabinoid system. Also, CBD regulates the activity of various brain receptors like anandamide and cannabinoid receptors. Further, the phytocannabinoid can control anxiety, uplift your mood, and degrade skin inflammation. CBD-infused beverages or meals are a great way to fight off the free radicals that cause aging and disease. You can try the best CBD vape juice to prepare some mouth-watering recipes. 


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Include CBD-infused beverages like tea or coffee in your morning routine. Also, you can prepare CBD salad or guacamole for lunch to satiate the taste buds. It’s an effective way to control aging and reduce oxidative stress. 


  1. Papaya 



When it comes to the anti-aging fruits, the fleshy and juicy papaya fruit tops the list. It’s a superfood that comes packed with abundant nutrients, ranging from vitamins to minerals. Due to the high nutritional values, it can increase skin elasticity and reduce the frequency of breakouts. Also, it contains ample vitamins like vitamin A, C, K, and E that are essential for various vital processes. The antioxidant action of the fruit helps fight oxidative damage and reduces the accumulation of free radicals in your cells. All these factors contribute to younger, healthy, and glowing skin. 


Apart from eating the fleshy fruit, you can always create DIY facial packs using papaya juice or flesh. It seeps into your skin pores and might reduce the inflammatory processes in the skin cells. Include the fruit in your daily breakfast or other meals for maximum protection against age-related factors. 

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  1. Berries 



If you’re looking out for a savory dessert option, you can always try a bowl full of fresh berries. Berries are rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol. Also, it contains essential nutrients and possesses a wide range of therapeutic abilities. You can consume strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries to load up on the vitamins. They contain high levels of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and other minerals. Along with this, the berries work as excellent garnishing for your yogurts or smoothie bowls. Try the berries in multiple ways to achieve flawless skin and strengthen immunity.


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The antioxidants present in berries are great at limiting sun damage and preventing the loss of collagen from your skin. Also, it is low in sugar and has a low glycemic index as compared to other fruits. Such factors make the fruit quite effective against aging and skin damage related to it. 

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  1. Nuts 


Do you like to munch on the nuts between the meals to curb the hunger pangs? Nuts and seeds are a healthy snack option due to the perfect combination of nutrients. Also, the foodstuff is easy to procure and rich in essential micronutrients. Almonds come packed with high levels of vitamin E that aid in skin repair and regeneration. Further, a few chunks of walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that curb inflammation and oxidative damage. You must include the nuts and seeds in your snacking routine for the utmost nourishment. Another way to use the foodstuffs is as a garnish on your desserts or shakes. 


From sprinkling a few nuts on your salads to topping the yogurt with it, you can use nuts in multiple ways. Either way, the superfoods ensure proper skin cleansing and eliminate the factors that make you age faster. 

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  1. Red Wine 



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Everybody likes to sip on some red wine by the beachside on a breezy night. But did you know that red wine has anti-aging properties as well? Red wine contains antioxidants like resveratrol that limit oxidative damage to your cells. Also, the drink can increase the production of collagen and make your skin more elastic. Such effects curb the signs of aging on your skin and make you appear younger. Experts suggest that red wine has neuroprotective properties that can slow down the effects of aging on your brain. It is due to the polyphenols present in red wine and other components. Don’t forget to drink red wine in moderation as excess drinking can lead to harmful effects on your vital organs. 

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The Takeaway 


Aging is inevitable and may affect your skin and metabolism. If you’re looking forward to some anti-aging measures, you must rethink your diet and regimen first. Try to consume anti-aging foods rich in essential nutrients and fibers. Some foods that provide the right blend of antioxidants are berries, papayas, and nuts. Also, you can sip on some red wine to appear younger and more attractive. Such foodstuffs contain antioxidants that can slow down oxidative damage and curb distress. 


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