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4 Quiz Questions Every Craps Beginner Should Ace Before Playing at the Casino

Craps is a notoriously confusing game. There are a lot of combinations and you never know what to expect. However, there is one thing that’s certain; the table stakes can get pretty high if you don’t understand what’s going on before you play. That takes skill, and it can be nerve-wracking when your opponents keep shouting at each other and throwing money all over the place. So if you’re new to the game, we recommend reading this article before playing at any craps table in a new online casino.


  1. What is the minimum amount of money that can be placed on a pass line bet?

In practice, almost no one bets this much money on the pass line. We’re talking just a few dollars here, not $100! Here’s why: most people tend to pass when they lose because they don’t want to risk more than a dollar or two – especially if they’ve been playing for a while and have lost a lot of money. The odds of the shooter getting a point are only about 1 in 3, but at minimum you have to bet $1.


  1. Why do dealers drop the point? He can’t stay there with his pass line bet!

Typically, when the shooter hits and he’s got at least one point in his hand (one up), he’s set and has a pass line bet on as well. So usually the dealer will finish dropping his point before actually putting down any money on the pass line. And then, just as he is about to put down more money on that bet, the shooter might hit again and bring him back over so that he’s still claiming those two-dollar minimums that have already been claimed.

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  1. Why is the shooter considered to be betting one unit if he’s got a point and two if he has two up?

Dealing with points is tricky business, but here’s how it works: when the shooter has a point, he’s technically betting one unit on the pass line because his bet consists of just that single bet. When the shooter gets two up, however, that doesn’t mean that he can now double his winnings on the pass line. That’s because he technically has not one but two bets on the pass line, and they can only be doubled if he has more than one unit on that particular bet.


  1. Is there ever a reason to bet more than double odds?

Again, this is a very rare case. One might call for doubling when they feel that the shooter is likely to roll a seven before getting his point. For example, let’s say that the point number is 5 and you have $2 on the pass line (odds are 2:1). After putting down $2 and a 7 hit, you’d win $5 if it was your turn to shoot next. If you were to then double your winnings and make it $10 (odds are 5:1), that would be a pretty good bet. But you’d lose the $2 on the pass line, and if you bet again at a point that’s lower than five, your total winnings would be less than the amount you have placed on the pass line. Even if everything went as planned, it’s hard to imagine betting double odds on this particular point unless you really think about every possible outcome.

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Craps is a great game and can be profitable when played right. We hope that you’ll benefit from this article and can start playing craps without feeling intimidated by the players or the table rules.