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Checkout These Five Types of Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business

You may have heard that email marketing campaigns generate significant results, and this is correct. However, as a consumer, you’re probably most aware of promotional emails that promise discounts, free delivery if you buy today, or a 20% discount if you refer friends.

For a funeral home, that is not the greatest form of email advertising.“Caskets are on sale for a limited time only!” and “BOGO headstones” aren’t the kind of offers that will entice people to buy.

Even if traditional promotional emails aren’t an option, you may still utilize email marketing campaigns to generate leads and conversions.

Here are five other types of Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Welcome Email Campaigns

Thank you for signing up or making a transaction with a welcome email. But it’s more than just good manners: that sign-up or first contact allows you to interact with potential clients further.

A welcome email campaign is often a series of three to five emails sent in response to a sign-up. The first comes right after you join up (or at least within the first 24 hours). It expresses gratitude for the customer’s activity and offers one or two pieces of useful information.

Other emails in a welcome series carry on a one-sided conversation with the consumer, giving them extra information in the hopes of prompting them to contact you again or make a purchase.

When someone signs up for a newsletter, wants pre-planning information, registers for a webinar, or requests a brochure, funeral homes can employ welcome email campaigns. Simply include an opt-in box on any of those forms, granting you permission to send email marketing campaigns; if the customer does not uncheck the box, the welcome campaign will begin immediately.

You may tailor these campaigns to your company’s and target audience’s needs, but here’s an example of how one might run in response to a request for pre-planning information:

  • 1st Email: Thanking the prospective client for contacting you and providing pre-planning information
  • 2nd Email: Checking in to see if there are any questions and sending a link to a blog post with pre-planning statistics.
  • 3rd Email: An offer to download a pre-planning workbook to assist them in getting started.
  • 4th Email: Let them know you’re accessible anytime they’re ready and provide them your name and phone number if they need to contact you.

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2. Seasonal Email Marketing Campaigns


Seasonal email campaigns generate in the retail business during holidays and back-to-school months. While death rates do tend to climb in December and January, creating a midwinter email campaign based on that premise is unlikely to bear fruit and may turn off your readers.

Create seasonal email campaigns instead, aimed at providing value to existing subscribers and positioning your funeral home as a compassionate member of the community. For example, reach out with fun summer recipes or neighbourhood suggestions for beating the heat, and utilize soft, discreet CTAs to remind folks you’re there if they have any questions.

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3. Social media-enabled campaigns

social media campaign

Funeral homes that wish to improve their social media presence should start with email marketing campaigns that drive subscribers to Facebook or Instagram.

Begin by creating an intriguing social media post using an image. In an email, include the image and a portion of the caption, as well as a clear link to the relevant post. Then use CTAs like these to get your subscribers to take action:

  • We’d like to know your feedback on…
  • How do you honor a loved one with an urn? 
  • Tell us about your experience with… Please spread the word about your photo.

Make sure the CTA is appropriate for the social media post and the action you want people to do in response to it.

Combine your CTA with a freebie to encourage more involvement. Purchase a gift card to a local store or restaurant and tell everyone who reacts or shares your post on social media that you’ll pick a winner.

The purpose of these emails is to engage people across many platforms while also building relationships with your target demographic. This boosts future activity on your social media accounts as well as the possibility that people will contact you if they have a need.

4. Email Reengagement Campaigns

Reengagement efforts serve to remind individuals that they were once interested in your service and may urge them to act today.

This is a fantastic way to re-engage customers who were previously interested in your pre-planning services. Again, you can tailor your campaigns to your brand and target demographic. Here’s an example of a pre-planned email re-engagement campaign:

  • 1st Email: Remind potential clients that they requested information. Understand that life is busy, and include a link to a preplanning fast guide or infographic.
  • 2nd Email: Describe three ways in which your company makes pre-planning simple.
  • 3rd Email: Dispel a common misconception about preplanning. Let the prospect know how to contact you for more information or to begin preplanning.

5. Emails from Educational Series

For death-care companies, educational emails are a typical type of triggered email marketing. This means they’re activated automatically by the actions of potential customers. If someone signals on your site that they are interested in pre-planning. For example, a series of five emails with pre-planning suggestions, links to pre-planning literature. Step-by-step guidance on how to begin the pre-planning process might be sent out.

Without using a trigger, you can deliver instructive email series to your existing subscriber list. Instead of a monthly newsletter, you may send a series of emails outlining green burial choices or what individuals can do with cremated remains to pay tribute to the deceased.