5 Tips To Store Delta 8 Flower


Most cannabis users know that delta 8 differs from delta 9 THC in many ways. Delta 9 THC is a scientific name for pure THC, while delta 8 refers to less potent tetrahydrocannabinol. The fact is that delta 8 is a close relative to delta 9, but with milder effects. 

While delta 9 has a powerful high kick, delta-8 will make you relaxed and energized at the same time without making you feel sleepy. Although delta 9 THC degrades more rapidly than delta-8, you should still know that there’s a possibility of spoiling delta-8 if you don’t store it properly.

Every cannabis product needs to be stored appropriately to retain freshness and beneficial properties. Buying delta-8 flowers in bulk can be a money-saving option. Especially if you use delta 8 for some medical problems and you need it constantly. 

But to save money, you need to know how to store it properly, and here are five tips on how to do it. 

  1. Keep it in some dark place!

If you decide to buy Delta 8 flower in large quantities, you need to find a good place to keep fresh and protected from spoiling.  Many external factors can affect the properties and effects of the delta-8 flowers. One of the most dangerous is light.

Light is what a cannabis plant needs as long as it is in the process of growing and maturing. But when the plant is processed and prepared as a product, it is necessary to avoid direct light, especially from direct sunlight and UV rays.

Delta 8 flower is not just a product that contains THC. Many beneficial cannabis compounds in the delta-8 flower, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, are among the most valuable and most helpful compounds in the cannabis plant.

These compounds will burn up if exposed to direct sunlight, and you will not be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabis and its famous delta-8 phytocannabinoid. To prevent this event, you should keep your delta-8 supplies away from light exposure and in a dark place. 

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  1. Deprive the flower of exposure to air!


The most common factor that affects the degradation of delta-8 flowers is air. Oxygen is also good for a flower in the growing process, but for a flower that is already mature, oxygen can be harmful in various ways.

Too much oxygen can accelerate the process of degradation of active compounds in the delta-8 flowers. The flower can mold because oxygen changes the humidity level. Luckily, there is a solution to that problem. A simple glass or ceramic jar with air-tight sealing is the best protection against excess oxygen. 

Try to avoid plastic bottles because flowers in plastic bottles tend to release their inner moisture. If you don’t want to feel harsh and dry hits when you consume delta 8, you can also use vacuum bags to replace the glass and ceramic jars. This will protect the flower from excess oxygen and retain freshness.

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  1. Preserve the moisture!


The delta-8 flower has its moisture level, which should not be compromised in any way. Primarily because you will not be satisfied with the product when consuming. Delta 8 flowers should be neither too dry nor too moist. 

Note that you need to maintain a proper moisture level, especially if you’re buying bulk delta-8 flowers.  If the place where you store delta-8 flowers has too much moisture, you will have a supply of mold. If it is too dry, terpenes from the flower may end up withering. 

So balance the humidity level in a place where you store your delta-8 flower supplies. You will preserve all the valuable cannabinoids from the flower that are essential for a complete experience.

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  1. Keep it in place with no temperature oscillations!


When it comes to proper storage, the most important thing is maybe the place’s temperature where you store the supplies. It would be best if you avoid areas where the temperature changes too often. By that, we mean large oscillations.

While many people think it’s enough to keep delta-8 flowers in some dark and cool place, it’s not quite that simple. The ideal temperature for storing cannabis is nearly 70 degrees.  Lower or higher temperatures can cause severe problems and spoil the flower. 

Terpenes can evaporate, and you will probably have a dried flower without valuable properties and effects. So, it is best to keep the flower at an ideal temperature level or optimally close to ideal if you can.

  1. Keep it in a clean environment!

Always keep the delta-8 flowers in a clean environment. If, in any case, you are not able to separate your supplies from the place where you keep food or any other household items, try always to keep that place clean and free of dust and bacteria.

Avoid places where you store household cleaning chemicals or some artificial odors. If you notice anything spilling on the container where you store the delta-8 flower, be sure to clean it well before opening it.


Although these tips may seem complicated, without proper storage of delta-8 flowers, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits it provides. By following these tips, your delta-8 flowers will remain fresh and potent for a long time. 

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