5 Tips To Make Your Vaporizer Last Long

Many ex-smokers have switched to vaping as it is a healthy alternative and is affordable compared to a traditional cigarette. Unknown to many people, however, you can even make vaping cheaper in the long run. It all boils down to the maintenance of your vape device and being strategic with the two most significant expenses associated with vape pens – the juice and the coil.

You might be new to vaping or even be a pro. However, you might not know some things about your vaping device and vape coil, affecting the lifespan. With this in mind, it becomes essential to consider how to make the coils last longer.

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That aside, it also makes sense to consider various aspects of your vape device to ensure that the overall device lasts. With this, you even get to save money in the long run.

Your vape coil is the heart of your vaping device; hence to make it last, you have to focus on making the coil last. Here are tested ways to prolong the life of your vaporizer coil and entire vaping device. 

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  • Avoid Dry and Burnt Vape Hits

Many people are guilty of this mistake, yet it can significantly affect the lifespan of your vape coil. In the absence of enough vape juice to heat the coil, the wick material gets heated, rather than the coil causing dry or burnt hits.

Burnt hits will cause your vape material to degrade faster. Since your coil can only house one wick material at a time, you will likely need to replace it soon. For this reason, it becomes essential to avoid a burnt hit. 

While this mistake is easy to make, you can also avoid it. It depends on how well you are priming your coil when setting up your vape. It is essential to ensure that it can handle the heat before introducing the juice. Priming a coil differs, and your vape device should come with recommended tips. 

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  • Use High-Quality Vape Juice

Using sweetened vape juice is not a good idea as they contain too much sweetener, which damages the coils. Low-quality vape juice is also not recommended as the constituent does not help your coil. Their sugary component comprises the vape device and other parts like the coil. The coil could be choked with e-liquid that compromises the integrity of the wick, which makes it overwork to soak up ejuice. 

With this, avoid cheap vape juice as much as possible. With high-quality vape juice, there are premium ingredients that will not damage your device. With high-quality vape replacement pods, dap pen charger and premium e-juice, your device will serve you well. 

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  • Consider only Low Wattage Vape Mods.

While using your vape pen, it is advisable to consider low wattage. It is not a good idea to raise the wattage, except you are after some smoke tricks. According to many manufacturers, you are better off between 55 and 80 watts. When in this range, you will reduce the probability of exhausting your coil faster. 

Besides, excessively high wattage puts a lot of demand on the device. It makes it work harder, which will lead to faster degradation. To avoid this from happening, it is essential to keep the wattage down.


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  • Make Sure to Clean Your Device Regularly

Another maintenance tip to extend the life of your vaporizer and vape coil is constant cleaning. This is important to get rid of any vape juice that might be building up in the device. 

You can clean your coils with various liquids like vodka, warm water, or vodka. The cleaning process involves overnight soaking of the coil to weaken any residue of e-liquid on the coil. 

By the following day, remove the coil, and rinse thoroughly in running water to eliminate any vape juice residue. Make sure to dry the coil for an entire day to get rid of all the water residue. It is a bad idea to use a coil with water. By using a small quantity of e-liquid, prime the coil and return it to your tank. 

When you clean your coil, the vodka or any cleaning agent you use weakens the gunk. Swish the coil around for a while to agitate it and get rid of the remaining water. The more agitation, the better you can dry your coil. 

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  • Maintain a Wet Coil

Burnt cotton will reduce the life of your coil, which makes it essential to keep the coil wet. You can achieve this via the following:

  • Maintain a full tank. There is a reason for the wick openings located beside the coil. They serve as the passage for the vape juice, and if your vape juice does not cover the holes, it is an implication that your coil doesn’t get the required vape juice. Make sure to refill your tank before it completely dries out. 
  • Keep the device wattage down, especially for people who love long puffs. Vaporizing more liquid than your coil can will make your wick dry out.
  • After every puff, wait a couple of seconds. There will be bubbles coming from the opening of the wick. The wick is completely wet when the bubbles do not appear again. 

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A vape contains many parts, and the overall efficiency depends on how you manage them.

This article has explored maintenance tips for the vaporizer coil, one of the most critical parts of your vape pen. A well-maintained vape coil will make your vaporizer last longer.