6 Things to Consider Before Choosing Lift Chairs



Old age and physical injuries come with mobility issues, and getting out of a chair can be hard or impossible without help. Modern technology, like lift chairs, wheelchair lift, plays a vital role in helping the physically disabled and the elderly with mobility.


Lift chairs are efficient in allowing aged people to maintain their independence, as they can set their chair from a sitting position into an upright position to ease in standing. However, the seniors consider the lift chair a vital investment. And picking the correct chair that meets their needs and is comfortable is a big decision for the disabled and the elderly.


There are many varieties of lift chairs, making it seem impossible to settle for the best one. However, this article will highlight six vital things to consider before choosing a lift chair for you and your loved one:

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The Quality of the Lift Chair

Lift chairs need to be durable and excellent in quality since most elderly and disabled people struggle with weight issues. Making the right choice will save you on costs of buying another chair and accidents.


Like other furniture in your home, the longevity of a lift chair directly depends on the design, material used, and correct estimate of weight it can handle. Pride lift chairs are not only durable and sturdy but also blend well with your home decor and will last you for decades.


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Number of Motors in a Lift Chair



The number of positions directly depends on the number of motors in a lift chair. Different lift chairs have a different number of engines in the chair. You may find that one lift chair has one motor while others have double or triple.


In most cases, single motor chairs are uncomfortable to the user since they move the headrest and footrest in unison. With a double motor chair, it’s comfortable; the two motors control the chair differently. One is for the headrest while the other is for the footrest.


The double motor chair doesn’t differ much from the triple motor chair. The added advantage of the triple motor is that it can achieve the twilight position. These two allow users to have infinite positions that can help in relaxing since you can go to a full recline. They are better than the single motor that reclines at 45 degrees only.

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The Frame and Lift

As much as all lift chairs offer a lifting function, they do not have this functionality the same way. Some chairs are shaky and not sturdy enough when using them, which is scary for the elderly and disabled people. You may find that these chairs lack the mechanism of lifting a person high enough to support them when they’re standing.


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Also, a solid frame ensures that lift chairs function well. Choose a chair that has a sturdy and smooth lifting feature to avoid these challenges. The frame needs to be robust and firm to prevent scary wobbling.

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Size of the Lift Chair

There is no one-size-fits-all with lifting chairs. People vary in body sizes. Some are small, some are plus-sized, and others tall, while others are short. You need to get the correct size to ensure that tall people don’t strain their lower back when using the chair, while shorter ones struggle to touch the floor when leaning back in the chair.


To prevent these challenges, ensure you take height and weight measurements of the individual set to use the chairs. Then compare different model measurements with the size of the one you have taken. It is advisable to have your loved one try sitting in various chairs to determine which is comfortable for them before purchase.

Size of Room



Lift chairs can deceive because of their compact appearance in a seated position. You will be surprised by how much room the chairs can take. Lift chairs work by sliding out and backward. The center of the room is the ideal place to avoid them crashing into walls or other furniture.


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Hence it is vital to take room measurements where you will palace the chair. Doing this helps you determine if you need a lift chair that can safely recline against a wall if it cannot fit in the space available.

Customer Satisfaction with the Lift Chairs



Before purchasing a lift chair, take your time and go through the reviews and ratings. Doing this helps you to learn a lot about the chairs before buying one. You will tell which brand is the best considering how they respond to customers’ complaints and how people rate and to recommend their chairs. Prioritize reviews and ratings from verified customers who have bought the chairs.

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Growing older or having physical challenges leads to mobility issues. However, with modern technology like lift chairs, it has become easier for these people to navigate uncomfortable positions. Before purchasing a lift chair, you need to consider various factors. Doing this enables you to make the right purchase for your loved one.