7 things that affect belmont stakes

Belmont Stakes is one of the most popular horse racing events in America. Remembering some of the other Belmont Stakes odds races that go on besides Belmont, this article is going to list five things that affect Belmont Stakes. This will help you be better informed about the event after reading it and become more knowledgeable about the horses in contention for the big prize money.


#1 The season’s best horses are usually competing in 2017-2018 football season

There are a lot of good horses playing during NFL football season as well as a host of new ones joining their ranks because they have been brought into training before being ready to run. They are not expected to play in another season or two, so if their training is done early to make sure they can run during Belmont Stakes, they will miss some of the games of the season where they would be played.


#2 Postponing a scheduled match because there is a match running on television

Because Belmont Stakes are shown on a number of television channels, an important game is often run first before the horse running since it can impact the ratings negatively. This means that when a match has been scheduled for Belmont Stakes, but it clashes with NFL’s Denver Broncos game, it could lead to postponing or rescheduling of the race.

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#3 Rain during Belmont Stakes race, that is not expected to be gone before all races

A lot of rain falls during the week when the Belmont Stakes is taking place. Because the horses are allowed to run on the dirt track, this could still happen even though it has been raining a lot when racing starts.


#4 A large field of horses running in the Belmont Stakes and they are facing problems going through the start gates

This happens a lot and is often caused by obstructions and other issues at raceday. This can affect if they have a fast time or not enough time to complete their run, so keeping an eye on them before racing gives you an idea of how well they can perform.


#5 A horse is being given a drug that has not been tested yet

Because it is a new drug, it will be tested on the horse before giving them the medication. This will make them very fast but can also cause other side effects that affect their performance while racing.


#6 A horse has not eaten anything in days before running in a race

When they prepare for a race, they are often fed only liquids to lose weight and will be allowed to eat solid foods before racing. If they have not been fed and get dehydrated, they can be affected when they start the race. They could also have colic symptoms.

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#7 A horse is considered to be too slow to compete with others by the bettors

A lot of horse bettors do not want to win enough money from the match and might consider a horse that is too slow as an option.



Belmont Stakes is when some of the best horses in America race each other to win the biggest prize money available for a thoroughbred horse. Not all Belmont Stakes winners go on to win further races, but this does not mean they are not some of the best racehorses in America.