Some Extremely Lucrative Business To Do in Nigeria

Are you looking to establish an enterprise in Nigeria with little capital? If so, then here are some top small-scale business ideas and investing opportunities available in Nigeria. It’s not something you can afford, but it is a must for those whose goal for their life is earn good  money and become a millionaire fast in Nigeria. This is among the reasons you’ve to consider beginning your own business in Nigeria.

The soil is so fertile that there are a lot of people who will patronize it, especially in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Portharcourt, Aba, Kano and others. NYSC has given corpers the platform for self-discovery. While entrepreneurs may complain about the high taxes they pay, this cannot be as bad as operating in other nations.

I’ve noticed that, contrary to what many people believe, capital isn’t the biggest challenge in beginning a business. The most difficult part is coming up with the right business idea.

If you’re in the market for capital and don’t have a business plan in place, you are likely to wind up wasting your money by investing in a company which won’t provide you with attractive yields. This is the reason why every prospective business owner should take the time to study profitable business concepts before they invest in them. Here are some extremely lucrative business to do in nigeria

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1- Transport Business

The population of Nigeria is vast and lots of people are seeking a decent life. People are moving from one place to another in order to earn a living. You can become the one to solve the problems by starting a transportation business. Before you get started, you must decide if you would like interstate services as well as an interstate service.

2- Mobile car wash business

The auto car wash mobile eliminates the requirement for a physical office which reduces start-up costs substantially. Start your own mobile car detailing company with affordable equipment and materials and then expand it as requirements arise. As a mobile detailer you’ll work in customer parking areas as well as garages and driveways providing you with exposure to promote your business. The drawback is not being skilled enough to work outside during inclement weather, and the burden of carrying all of the tools and equipment required which include large amounts of water.

3- Pizza Delivery business

Beginning a pizza delivery business can be a lucrative business that can result in the highest profit margins for anyone who is committed to the business. With pizza, you have the chance to express your creativity and also learn to cook. Also, you’ll need to be as imaginative as you can imagine; pizzas are available with many options like chicken pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas, Italian barbecue pizzas, sausage pizzas, and other cheese-based traditional pizzas, as well as hamburger pizzas.

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4- Cosmetics Business

If you’re a fan of beauty, then getting into the business of cosmetics is an option. If you want to succeed effectively in this field it is necessary to conduct a lot of investigation. Why is this so important? It is because you’ll have to acquire new knowledge about the cosmetics industry to benefit your company.

5- Agriculture Business

If you are interested in starting your own commercial agriculture business will be a hit with you, then begin an agri-related business. One of the aspects to keep in the forefront of your thoughts before you decide to begin this type of business is that you must first identify the kinds of crops that are able to move fairly easily on the market.

6- Fish farming business

Inquiring into the fishing industry means you should be aware of the industry. What is the significance of this might be wondering? This is crucial because you don’t wish to appear as someone who’s dull working in the business. It is possible to start with an exhaustive search online.

7- Organic farming business

Many people, due to health reasons, prefer organic products. They require time to mature, unlike those that are hybrid. If you are a fan for healthy lifestyles and a healthy lifestyle, then you should consider the idea of starting a farm that is organic.

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8- Real estate Investment Business

Real estate investing is an excellent option for building wealth, because there aren’t many other business options that have the potential for earning as large.It is an extremely risky venture to go onto your own and dive into a market that is volatile but with the help of a small business consultant it can be easy and secure. The financial and legal concerns associated with investing in real estate is a huge hassle. However, thousands of people deal with it every day , and only the best ones are emerging with the best results.

9- Electronics Repair Business

Starting your own business in the field of electric repair is straightforward and you’ll have to learn the tricks. A business in electric repair offers unlimited potential for profit as well as a low initial cost. The field boasts numerous individuals who have done very well for themselves. In Nigeria the people continue to need the help of electricians.

10- Courier Service Business

There is plenty to tap into when you begin your own courier service. Furthermore you can make a lot of revenue to be made in this industry. If you are convinced that this is the type of business you would like to establish, first gather all the information you can. Once you’ve done that, make certain to draft your business plan that will aid you in starting out.

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11- Arts and Crafts Business

If you’ve ever had an intimate conversation with a business professional, it is likely that you have been informed on the idea that becoming wealthy isn’t simply about getting paid at the end of the month or week. It’s about having multiple sources of income. Being rich and successful is not a child’s play for anyone. In reality, being rich has a lot to do with the amount of companies you own and the amount of money you make after a time.


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