Top Tips on Maximizing Brand Visibility with Feather Advertising Flags

Reaching out to target audiences and making them familiar with your brand and what it stands for is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for businesses. The kind and extent of advertising and brand-building exercises any business can perform depends significantly on the budget available and its marketing footprint. Regardless of the availability of resources for brand building and traffic generation, it is still vital for businesses to engage in advertising in the vicinity of their stores or inside them. However, since the space available is restricted, the use of feather advertising flags is highly recommended in such situations. Some insights on how you can make them perform better and deliver maximum visibility for your brand.

Feather Advertising Flags Explained

Feather advertising flags get their name not because they are made from feathers but because their shape is like that of a feather. Typically, for the best contrast, these flags use white polyester fabric that is printed using the dispersed dye ink sublimation process that produces a mirror effect on the other side so that the graphics and message are viewable from both sides of the flag, optimizing the brand exposure. The feather-shaped fabric is mounted on an aluminum pole sitting on a stand to prevent it from toppling over in windy conditions.

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Maximizing the Impact of Feather Advertising Flags

LocationCustom feather flags can be used in a large variety of situations, both indoors and outdoors. Typically businesses display them inside their stores to draw attention to some products, announce sales promotion offers, mark sections, point the way, etc. They are also widely used near the entrances of stores to attract the attention of passersby and entice them to visit. They also find widespread use in hotel entrances and lobbies as well as exhibition centers to announce events being held there. When used outdoors, especially in a repetitive manner, they attract a lot of attention from passersby. Additionally, these flags are widely used at the venues of cultural, sports, and business events by both the event organizers and sponsors to promote the event and build a strong brand association. Ideally, they should be positioned in places that witness a lot of target audience traffic. It is important to survey the area to find out where people have the best chance of seeing the flags.

Design: For an advertising flag to catch the eyes of the target audience, they have to be designed right. Since the space available on the flag is limited, you should ideally focus on a strong visual rather than text. Use a color palette inspired by the colors of your logo and which go well with the location. Flags used in the interior can be colored lighter; however, outdoor flags should invariably be bright to attract eyeballs. In addition to color contrast, you should also create the contrast of size, recommends Plural Sight.

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Feather advertising flags are extremely versatile and can be used across a large variety of situations. They are simple to design and print and also very affordable and durable. Even the smallest of businesses can use as many of them as they want.