What is Mike ‘Geek’ Glass Net Worth?

What is Mike ‘Geek’ Glass Net Worth?

Do you love gaming and watching game streams online? If you do, then it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of Mike ‘Geek’ Glass, one of the most influential eSports players who have made a massive name for themselves in the online gaming industry.

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass is a streamer, content creator, and competitive gamer who has made a significant impact in the gaming world. He has a massive following and is renowned for his incredible gaming skills and love for the gaming community.

Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s net worth. From his journey to where he is now, to his earnings and assets, we will cover it all.

Who is Mike ‘Geek’ Glass?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass is a live streamer from the United States. He was born on July 31, 1995, and started gaming at a young age. Although he first started playing PlayStation, he eventually shifted to playing PC games and discovered the world of esports. His gaming skills quickly caught the attention of many, and he became a very well-known streamer.

Geek started his gaming career streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and later expanding to other online games such as VALORANT, Rust, and Minecraft. He wowed his viewers with his incredible skills, dedication to his craft, and love for games. Additionally, he has partnered with several major brands and has participated in various esports tournaments, including the VCT.

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Geek’s Career

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s gaming career is distinguished by his passion for the gaming community and the gaming industry. As an incredibly talented gamer, he has worked hard to make a name for himself in the gaming industry.

Geek is not only a talented gamer, but also a content creator, building his presence on various platforms like Twitch and YouTube. As part of his income, he generates monthly revenue from sponsorships, ads, and game giveaways on his pages, making his net worth even more substantial.

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s Accumulated wealth

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s net worth is said to be around $700,000. This wealth comes from various sources, including his long years of experience as a professional gamer and content creator.

He has reached this large net worth through various methods such as sponsorships, donations, and brand endorsements. Glass puts a significant amount of work into his streams on Twitch and uploads to YouTube, which has allowed him to earn significant revenue from these platforms.

His accumulated wealth is also due to the month-long revenue from advertisements, bit donations, game giveaways, merchandise, and sponsorships on his social media platforms.

How does Mike ‘Geek’ Glass make his money?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass makes lots of cash through various income channels, including streaming and professional gaming. The most common sources of revenue for content creators like Mike include:

  • Advertising revenue: Glass earns revenue from advertisements on his Twitch and YouTube channel, generating substantial revenue from clicks and views.
  • Donations: Geek’s followers donate funds to him as a means of supporting him and his work.
  • Merchandise: Glass has dedicated merchandise with various brand collaborations over time to increase his revenue streams.
  • Sponsorships: Geek has partnered with several major brands, such as Streamlabs, Gabi, and Moreal. He earns revenue in exchange for supporting these brands.
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All these revenue sources have contributed to making a considerable portion of Mike ‘Geek’ Glass net worth.

What’s next for Mike ‘Geek’ Glass?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass has already achieved a lot in his career at a young age, and it’s safe to say that he has a great journey ahead. With an excellent net worth, massive following, and ongoing brand collaborations, he is on the right track to even greater feats.

Additionally, Glass aims to grow his platform, hoping to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry. It’s no doubt that we can expect more exciting accomplishments from this young gaming sensation in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Net Worth Of Mike ‘Geek’ Glass?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.

2. What Does Mike ‘Geek’ Glass Do?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass is a live streamer, content creator, and professional gamer who has made a name for himself in the gaming world.

3. What Games Is Mike ‘Geek’ Glass Known For?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass is known for streaming and playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, VALORANT, Rust, and Minecraft.

4. What Is The Source Of Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’ Revenue?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass generates revenue through several channels, including brand endorsements, sponsorship, advertisements, donations, and merchandise sales.

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5. How Many Followers Does Mike ‘Geek’ Glass Have?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass has over 182,000 followers on his Twitch channel, and over 121,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

6. What Is Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’s Age?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass was born on July 31, 1995, which makes him 26 years old in 2021.

7. What Are Mike ‘Geek’ Glass’ Future Plans?

Mike ‘Geek’ Glass plans to grow his platform and make a lasting impact in the gaming industry. He also promises to continue entertaining his followers and fans with his gaming skills and engaging content.


Mike ‘Geek’ Glass is one of the most influential and talented gamers in the industry today. Through his dedication and hard work as a competitive gamer and content creator, he has managed to build a massive following and a net worth to admire. Although he has achieved a lot in his career, the journey is far from over. Let’s look forward to more great achievements from Mike ‘Geek’ Glass in the future!