What is Web Hosting? How can I buy hosting?

What is Web Hosting? How can I buy hosting?

In order to create a website or blog in the world of the internet, hosting is where all the data of the website or blog is stored. All the text, videos, images, documents, audio files of a blog or website are stored on the hosting server of that particular website or blog. Wing Host provides you the best web hosting service.

What is a blog?

When a user searches the internet for the domain name that is required to create the website, the domain name of that website or blog points to the hosting server, showing all the data of the website to the user.

This means that all the data that is accessed on the Internet through the domain name is stored on the web server or web hosting.

What is a domain?

An example is:

Suppose you want to open a store. But the store needs a place to open, where you can keep all your products and equipment. A customer can go to that particular place to see and buy your products.

Hosting is needed to create such an online website. All data on a particular website is stored on the hosting. When a user enters a specific domain name and searches for a website on the Internet, the domain name points to the webserver, showing the user all the data on that website.

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How to purchase a domain?

Wing Host is the best for domain registration. You can purchase a domain in Wing Host. They offer you much more domain extensions.

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What is hosting?

Hosting is a type of web server. Where all the data of a particular website or blog is stored. When a user searches for a specific domain name on the Internet, they can see all the data on that website or blog through the hosting. Through the connection of the domain and the hosting, a website emerges in front of the user.

What is web hosting or what is a host?

When a computer is connected to a network, it is called a host. Sometimes a computer or any other device connected to a network is also called a host.

It can be a mobile, tablet, or any other device. There are different types of hosts. Such as network host, web host, etc.

A network is needed to connect one host to another. And communication is made by making connections between one or more hosts through the network.

Domain and hosting is a type of web host. Web hosts handle different types of hosting servers. And provides hosting services to various customers.

For example: When a domain is connected to the hosting through a network, it falls within the web host.

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How many types of web hosting

Dedicated hosting (Dedicated Server )

VPS Hosting

Shared hosting

Managed Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Reseller Hosting

All of these types of hosting are discussed in detail below. From here you can easily find out what hosting does and how much it costs.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If a whole CPU is taken as hosting it is called dedicated server web hosting. We know that a certain CPU has a certain RAM, hard disk, processor. If a website owner uses the entire CPU as hosting, it is called dedicated hosting.

An example is:

Suppose you bought a house. Since you have taken the house yourself, you can use the whole house alone. No friends or relatives can stay here.

Now, this whole house is Dedicated to Hosting. Here you can store all your belongings in the house.

The cost of this type of hosting is between Rs 8,000-200,000 per month.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

The user has the most control over the hosting.

The highest security is available in this hosting.

The user can easily access anything.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

You have to spend the most money to buy this hosting.

A lot of technical knowledge is needed to control this hosting.

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If you can’t control it, hire a technician.

VPS Hosting

When a dedicated CPU is divided into separate submachines or virtual machines, it is called VPS hosting.

Suppose a dedicated CPU has 8 GB of RAM, then VPS allows that dedicated CPU to be used by everyone by splitting the RAM for different website users. VPS full from is a virtual private server.

So when a CPU shares a sub-machine or creates a virtual machine, allowing different users to access their website, it is called VPS hosting.

For example:

You rented a house and shared it with 4-5 friends. And everyone started living in separate rooms. Now you and your friends will pay the rent for that house together. And everyone will be able to put their belongings in that house together.

This type of hosting costs up to $4.02-$43.02 per month.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

Gives the best performance for the website.

You can control the flower by yourself.

You can upgrade memory and change bandwidth as a website.

Privacy and Security are more.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

Need to have technical knowledge.

Less Resource is available from Dedicated Hosting.


The main thing in any website or blog is speed. If your website is delayed, a user will leave your website and access someone else’s website. Because there are many types of websites on the Internet that provide similar information. So no user will wait for the website to open, he will go to another website immediately.

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So check the speed of the hosting you are taking. For this, you can discuss with the users who have already used the hosting of that company.

The speed of the website sometimes also affects SEO. If the speed of your website is low then Google will put your website behind.


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be accessed on your website every second. If your hosting bandwidth is low, your website will slow down due to high traffic. If so, choose to host with unlimited bandwidth.

If you want to buy hosting services from a Wing Host, you must buy hosting from a company that offers a money-back guarantee. This allows you to easily transfer your website to another hosting provider with a refund.