The Importance of Increasing the User Experience of Your Site

We have learned to surf online with increasing ease, we go in search of people but also of info and services, products and companies. Each gesture, to be truly satisfying and performing, must be performed on the wave of naturalness and practicality by the user. A golden rule that concerns in particular the concept of user experience applied to the Internet.

The website must be placed at the center of everything, since it is of strategic importance for the company business. His is an active role in the research path of info and data that the user undertakes online: it is necessary to understand how it is used by people, so as to increase and better calibrate the level of services offered. A badly made, not very homogeneous and – worse still – disorganized or poor information site will backfire like a boomerang on performance and business, preventing you from achieving the desired revenue maximization.

The portal should be structured in the name of comfort in navigation

In the context of aspects related to the design of a site, the user experience undoubtedly deserves a prominent position. But what is it specifically about? Basically, it is that relationship that is created and that exists between the user and the reference digital system.

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It is important to convey information about the company, values ​​and products, making sure that the user’s perception is always biased in his favor and never excessively self-referential or celebratory of the brand (our products, our values ​​and so on). You need to design the site focusing on what users want and make it easy to find. In the name of comfort during navigation and completeness of information.

Let’s see some key points around which the concept of user experience needs to be developed. Thinking about and structuring a good user experience makes it easier for users to navigate, so that from simple leads they are transformed into loyal customers. User experience is a concept that embraces multiple aspects: copywriting, design, architecture and so on.

User experience: usability, graphic appearance and accessibility

The portal that can ensure a good user experience is the one that has certain characteristics. Among these we will first examine usability, graphics and accessibility. As for usability, it is necessary to make a local mind on the ease of navigation and the agility of movement between the pages and the different functions (including the search function).

The time that users on the Net are ready to invest in a search is generally very limited and must be put to good use. The portal must also be accessible: it must be able to probe it using any electronic device, PC and tablet but also – and above all – smartphone. The menu must be designed to clearly offer the available information, foreseeing the navigation paths and possible digital behaviors.

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As for the graphic aspect, the eye also wants its part so focus on the overall design of the site. It will help increase the positive perception of the company, improving its digital identity.

Consistency and clarity are essential for the user experience

The website must be dynamic, beautiful to look at and practical. But that’s not enough. Extreme clarity is needed: the user must always know where he is and be sure that he has landed in the right place. You have to guide him along the navigation path in search of the information he is looking for.
Both clarity and visual consistency are needed for everything concerning the design of buttons, graphics, contents and forms but also landing pages and splash pages. Coherence also means planning an inclusive design, which can inspire trust in users. We must think of everyone, with a focus on people with navigation difficulties or visual impairments.

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