5 Things to Look For Before Choosing Your Perfect Vaporizer


If you’re thinking about getting into the world of vaping, you’ll be happy to know that close to 10.8 million Americans vape or use e-cigarettes. So, you’re not alone, and the community is ever-growing. The world of e-cigarettes and vaping is vast that our thinking and is constantly evolving. The trick, however, is searching an aromatherapy blends, tobacco or a similar dry herb vaporizer that is made just for you.  


Like any noob, your first step is to jump on the closest device that can access the internet (a smartphone, most likely) and do some research on the various components and accessories that make vaping possible.



At first, it may be overwhelming to understand what all these parts do, but before you know it, you’ll be making your mods. There’s a lot to go over on the basics of vaping, but today, you’ll be lucky enough to know about vaporizers and what you should look for before getting one.

In this article, you’ll learn all about vaporizers, what makes them tick, and their position in the world of vaping. Let no one lie to you that all vaporizers are created equal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 


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So, here are some crucial pointers to consider before you get that gadget that may change your vaping game.


What is a Vaporizer?


Before diving into the finer details about vaporizers, and vaporization, knowing what vaporizing is a great place to start. So, a vaporizer is a device that allows you to reap the benefits of herbs but without inhaling the harmful by-products. 


Instead of igniting the herbs directly with your lighter, the dry material is heated below its combustion point, and this allows the compounds to break down and get released in vapor form.


Vaporizers are available in various forms, and a vaporizer with ceramic heating element isn’t the same as one without. However, the end result they produce will more or less be the same. The only difference may be in functioning. The selection of vaporizer depends entirely on you, i.e., what you are looking to vape.


Types of Vaporizers

There are a couple of forms of vaporizers available and discussed in length below.

  1. Standard Vaporizers

Standard Vaporizers are also called Box vaporizers or Whip-Style vaporizers, and these typically are a vaporizer with a ceramic heating element. They require the user to inhale via the tube, and this inhalation creates a convection current that pulls hot air over the dry herbs. With this type of vaporizer, you have complete control over the vaporization process.


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Almost all standard vaporizers use a “hands-free” design, and that means the container with the herb sits at the end of the wand independently over the heating element.


  1. Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers are handheld vaporizers, and they’re exactly that — portable. Being compact and lightweight means they are easy to carry around, that you may even forget you have one on you.




They may be used almost anywhere, and even the newest of noobs can operate them. Portable vaporizers typically have an internal battery that is rechargeable or a “push-in” external battery. Sometimes it may also be a refillable butane chamber.


  1. Forced Air Vaporizer

Forced-Air Vaporizers are the newest kid on the block in the world of vaporization. A wall outlet powers them, so you have to plug them in. This, in turn, activates the internal fan that directs hot air over your essential oils or herbs chamber. 


Recent units also have a digital temperature control feature for easy customization of your vapor experience.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Vaporizer

  1. The Materials You Want To Vaporize

Most forms of vaporizers work well with concentrates, e-liquids, or flowers. Flowers may be in dry herb, or marijuana leaves, whereas concentrates are mostly oils and waxes. Depending on the unit, you can get one that burns both dry herbs and concentrates. Be sure to ask around for what you’re looking for before ending up with a device that won’t suit your vaping preferences.

E-juice is a good starting point for beginners and they can move onto and experiment with mods, pens and several other gadgets.

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  1. Your Desired Effect

Depending on the experience you’re after, each vaporizer will offer something different than the last. Your experience will depend on the smell, and the taste of the vapor, and the strength and kind of aroma it possesses. With that said, no two vaporizers can produce the same effect with the same material.


  1. The Efficiency of the Device

When you’re looking for a suitable vaporizer, understanding the science behind how it works may help in the selection process. For instance, if you want to burn marijuana, you need a lower temperature than its usual combustion point for the beneficial compounds to evaporate. 


So, it would be wise to go for a device to effectively control the temperature in this case.


  1. Portability and Convenience

Not having your vaporizer when you want may be a bummer. So choosing a portable device that promotes convenience is the best bet if this is the sort of thing you’re going for. For travelers who want to enjoy cannabis discreetly, this may be a reasonable opinion.



If you prefer to vape at home, a forced-air vaporizer or desktop vaporizer will suit your lifestyle better. One thing to note, however, is while you may use a portable vaporizer at home, traveling with a desktop vaporizer is not so easy. Also, the latter is quite costly.


  1. Your Budget

Back to the cost factor—arguably the most important thing to look out for when selecting a vaporizer. There are various models today for people with different budgets to find one that suits them best. Find the price that works for you and go for it.


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Choosing a great vaporizer isn’t directly tied to your experience as a vapor. You may not make the best choice at first, but you can always try again. There are too many options available, but trust in reviews, references and ask the right questions.