5 Recommended Places To Get Marijuana From


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The United States’s weed fascination is tremendous. Although marijuana plant use in the treatment of diseases is fast developing, illegal recreational marijuana forces most Americans to pursue cross-country travel to get the drug. However, as of November 2020, the capital city of Washington and 18 other states have legalized marijuana consumption. Availability, tolerance, and general marijuana culture are factors that work for a conducive marijuana-smoking environment.

Age group and gender affiliations are fading away in marijuana intake and driving when high is one of the active illegal restrictions putting a brake on recreational marijuana. Aside from getting marijuana bliss for self, buying weed gifts for stoners is experience-elevating.

Marijuana Tourism is becoming a huge deal in today’s travel culture as more and more travellers prefer destinations where weed is legal over others. These days, you might find yourself going on a rolling sushi and joints in Denver, puffing while painting in Portland, or ripping a vape on a party bus tour of San Francisco. Getting stoned on the go has gotten a lot more creative than ever before. Here are five places comfortable with you smoking weed.   


  1. Canada

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Canada is one country that permits recreational and medicinal weed. There is no advertising or promotion of the weed, though. For amateurs’ knowledge, marijuana got legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018. But there is a legal framework on marijuana production, possession, sale, and distribution of weed across Canada. Legal prosecution is on individuals found guilty of cannabis trafficking.

Many businesses on Toronto’s Yonge St. boast of excellent marijuana and cater to the marijuana consumer. Marijuana use is widespread in Kensington Market, Scarborough Town Centre, Queen Street West, and the zone around Toronto University. Visit smoke-tolerant cafes, pot retail stores, or a 24hr Dispensary if you are an 18 years adult or older to shop for marijuana buds.

As an increasing number of countries become weed-friendly, cannabis tourism – a special type of tourism for the purpose of obtaining cannabis for recreational use – is experiencing a rapid growth.

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Best Places to Shop for Marijuana: Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Quebec, Toronto, Montreal  

Marijuana Possession Limit: Up to 30 grams (dried or equivalent)  

Penalties: USD 1000-5000  

  1. United States

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Marijuana is not fully legal in all states of the United States. 29 American states permit weed intake on medical grounds whereas 11 states permit it for recreational purposes. Smoking a pot in illegal states in America can put you behind bars. This means you can smoke without fear in just a handful of the states.

Seattle tourists should check out the Seattle Hempfest. It is the world’s largest pot rally that attracts over 1 lac people for two days. Hawkers of bongs, pipes and dab rigs display their wares in Seattle during the Hempfest. Apart from Seattle, you will find some best recreational cannabis shops and dispensaries in the United States.

Best Places to Shop for Marijuana: Seattle, Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont.  

Marijuana Possession Limit: Up to 3 grams


Penalties: USD 1000-5000  


  1. Jamaica

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Jamaica is weed-happy today. It is perfectly legal to smoke in this Caribbean Island nation after the Jamaican government decriminalized ganja and introduced cultivation and sale licenses in 2015. Be prepared to pay up a fixed penalty if you are moving two ounces of ganja in public in Jamaican streets. Cultivating up to five marijuana plants in your backyard is permissible. Rastafarians in Jamaica see marijuana as the “wisdom weed”.

The inhaling of a large smoking pipe called the Chalice happens when there is a large gathering of Rastafarians. Cannabis clubs, medical cannabis dispensaries, and hipster boutiques are specific places where Jamaican tourists can legally buy marijuana.   

Whether looking to gather more information on this magical plant or willing to experience it’s effects Jamaica is among the best places to go for.

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Marijuana Possession Limit: Up to 56.6 grams

Penalties: USD 5 for the locals and an extra penalty

  1. The Netherlands

You can smoke marijuana in coffee shops in the Netherlands, but growing the weed is illegal in the Dutch country. Similarly, non-residents can face a ban from Amsterdam cannabis-selling coffee shops as a government measure to cut back on drugs tourism.

In 2017, Netherlands passed a bill partially legalizing marijuana cultivation. Hundreds of government-regulated coffee shops or the ‘coffee shop culture’ cropped up in the Netherlands to promote over-the-counter marijuana purchase and allow cannabis lovers to enjoy a joint. Film lovers may recall the brief mention of the Dutch pot policy in the 1994 gangster film Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino, who lived in Amsterdam for a short time.           

Best Places to Shop for Marijuana: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Terneuzen   

Marijuana Possession Limit: Up to 5 grams

Penalties: Marijuana possession of up to 30 grams attracts a fine of EUR 75. Over 30 grams of marijuana possession can get you behind years for 2 years and EUR 16,750 as a penalty.  

  1. Uruguay

In 2013, Uruguay became one of the first countries to legalize recreational and medicinal weed as part of its ambitious policy to promote legally approved cannabis for adult use. Uruguay also legalized smoking weed’s home production up to 6 plants and set the hash smoking age to 18 years and above.  Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in the nation. The pharmacies are the only places allowed to sell recreational marijuana in Uruguay.

Although marijuana consumption among adults has increased, adding to the weed variety and allowing an extensive retail network can be a good idea to promote the weed. The citizens have to register themselves at the post office to grow their own marijuana. The South American country is offering many opportunities for foreign investors and local farmers.       

Best Places to Shop for Marijuana: Montevideo capital city

Marijuana Possession Limit: Up to 40 grams or fewer in a month

Penalties: Imprisonment of 2 to 10 years  

Final Thoughts

Marijuana laws are subject to change in states and provinces. Double-check the dictates before lighting a bong. Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, knowing your exact use of marijuana will help you make a responsible purchase. Check marijuana rules in travel destinations of your choice to enjoy a safer and satisfactory pot experience.  



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