Is Organic An Option With CBD Oil Tinctures

When shopping for hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures, the priorities are ensuring quality, obtaining a trusted, well-established brand, acquiring adequate potency, a tolerable taste, and an appropriate extract method. Still, others look for organic to be included on that extensive list. Look here to determine what a tincture is.


For an “organic” label, a CBD tincture must derive from a farm with certification from the (USDA) “United States Department of Agriculture” as organic. There are exceptionally stringent criteria in order for hemp to receive this certification pertaining to the growing conditions.


Many companies choose to remain with conventional growing methods despite organic being the preference because:


  • The process for certification is challenging and takes considerable time.
  • The USDA tests financial resources as a priority.
  • Many CBD brands are merely in the industry to make money and are simply not concerned with putting forth the additional effort; instead, preferring to cut corners and put the extra profit in their pocket.


As a consumer, these are why you need to do your own research when seeking resources for the highest quality products with the best standards for business practices. Some companies will use false claims and flashy advertising, but their products are sub-par. It takes due diligence to “get what you pay for.”

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Why Should You Go For Organic With Your CBD Tincture Purchases


Consumers prefer organic (cannabidiol) CBD tinctures because the growth processes are much stricter since the (USDA) “United States Department of Agriculture” places stringent guidelines on farmers for their hemp crops.


Not all CBD brands offer organic options. That doesn’t mean these are sub-par companies. The process for certification is extensive, with many stipulations. Still, consumers are wise to hold out for those businesses that put forth that extra effort to become certified.


There are many benefits for paying the extra costs applied to organic tinctures over the conventionally grown hemp-derived products. Let’s look at what you should anticipate when you buy organic.


●     Pesticide-free


Toxins like pesticides can disrupt the functionality of body systems if consumed often. These mean to prevent crops from being infested by pests, but it is often at the cost of consumer health.


The hemp plant is unique because it’s an adsorbent of what surrounds it, meaning it will draw in the toxins from the soil surrounding it. That’s why the USDA has strict guidelines for the farm as a whole with its “organic” certification on hemp plants.


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There can be no pesticides for the plant to grab onto, putting the brand’s customers at risk.


●     Lower likelihood for heavy metals


Another toxin with the capacity to gain access to the hemp plant’s soil is heavy metals ultimately working their way into the plant material in the same way pesticides will. There is a lower likelihood of heavy metals in the soil where plants are organically grown than conventional soils.


●     The brand shows commitment to quality


When a company puts forth the extra effort to become organically certified, it expresses its desire to put the consumer’s best interest as a priority for their business. In doing so, they choose the highest quality products grown in the healthiest way.


The process for certification is extensive, and many stipulations go hand-in-hand with obtaining certification. It can prove challenging for a farm to gain certification, but that doesn’t mean a brand lacks concern for its customers.


Still, it is worth the effort to research and find companies that have gone that extra mile to offer these options.


●     Taste might not be so bad


Tinctures have a reputation for the taste, with some users having difficulties tolerating the taste, and manufacturers even developing flavors to mask the bitter, earthy flavor for which it’s famous. The suggestion is that organic hemp could offer a more satisfying and potentially cleaner flavor since no impurities affect the flavor molecules.

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How Can You Find A CBD Organic Tincture


Most of the brands that are allowed to advertise as certified organic retailers will indeed put this on their packaging description or add it to their labels. Not all of the brands do. You can, however, reach out to a brand that you have an interest in working with to find out if they do produce organic products. These businesses should be more than willing to share their information.


Another means for determining organic options is through the Certificate of Analysis used when brands participate in independent lab testing. These results will let consumers know the ingredients in the products, how many of the various cannabinoids, especially the primary cannabinoids of CBD and THC. Plus, it will let you know as the consumer whether the product is organically grown or conventional.


If the lab tests are not readily published as most brands will do for their consumers, reach out to the manufacturer for a copy of these results. If it’s not accessible, move to a different brand.


Final Thought


For consumers looking for the highest-quality CBD tinctures, one of the priorities in the market today is that the substance be organic. In order to meet the consumers’ desire, farmers need to grow their hemp organically and be certified by the USDA. Go to for things every consumer should know about the CBD tincture.

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It’s an extensive, regulated process that not every farmer wants to participate in, nor do all brands want to put forth the effort, time, or money to provide these products. Those that do speak volumes to the consumer that their best interests are the priority – plain and simple.