Everything You Need to Know About Patio Furniture Covers - Everything You Need to Know About Patio Furniture Covers

Everything You Need to Know About Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture items are one of the best accessories for your backyard. Even though they are capable of withstanding the outdoor elements, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect their protection and safety. No matter how durable furniture items you purchase, they will undoubtedly take a beating. Patio furniture covers are designed to protect these items from rain and wind. However, if you’re purchasing patio furniture covers, you should know about their functionality.

How to Choose the Best Cover?

While shopping for patio furniture cover, you should pay attention to the features of the products. Remember that each cover is crafted from different materials, so not all of the covers are perfect for your furniture. Here are some factors you should search for while purchasing a protective cover for your patio furniture.

Is the Cover Waterproof?

If you live in a moist climate and you leave your furniture outdoors, you should ensure that the covers are waterproof. This way your furniture will stay protected from heavy rain or snow. Additionally, some covers come with vents that will reduce humidity.

What are the Shape and Size?

Don’t forget to compare the size and shape of your patio furniture to the covers you are purchasing. The cover should fit perfectly on your furniture items. Apart from that, the shape should also be relevant. Hence, make sure you measure the shape and size accurately before purchasing a cover.

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Different Materials for Your Cover

Patio furniture covers are crafted from various materials. Remember that each material has its unique characteristics. Hence, you should understand the benefits of each material to make a perfect choice. Here are some best fabric options:

Marine Polyester

Marine polyester is famous for its waterproof capabilities. Not only is it highly water-resistant but also strong and durable. Some marine polyester is also UV-resistant as well as mildew-resistant. Additionally, some options are stronger than others.


If you’re choosing canvas as your fabric, make sure it can resist mildew, mold, and most importantly, UV rays. The fabric is strong as well as machine washable. However, if you don’t want canvas, you can choose marine-grade vinyl. As per All Vinyl Fabric, marine vinyl fabric is UV-resistant and water-resistant.

How to Care for Your Patio Furniture Covers?

After you purchase your patio furniture covers, it’s extremely important to consider the maintenance. This way you can increase the longevity of the patio covers. Fortunately, the cleaning and maintaining process is simple.


Most fabrics are very easy to clean. You can clean them using a solution of water and gentle detergent. After scrubbing the fabric thoroughly, you just need to hose it down. You can either spread the covers outdoor or hang them. However, make sure they get plenty of air to get dried quickly. Additionally, don’t forget to check the instructions and tags of the covers to know if it’s possible to machine wash them.

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If you’re not using your patio furniture covers, make sure you pack them nicely and store them in a dry place. Additionally, when you start using them again, make sure the seams of the fabric are still intact.


Now that you know everything about patio furniture cover, it’s the best time to make a purchase. When you purchase high-quality patio furniture covers, you can keep your furniture items in prime condition.