How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Instagram Marketing Campaign?

Brands that have more than a billion users every month on Instagram can use this new addition to the platform to reach a larger audience, gain Instagram followers and increase sales. Instagram Reels lets you share 1 second of video on stage. If you have not made your profile ‘private’, the content you share will also be on the Search tab. This is good news, with 15% of users using the Search tab to connect with new content, people and brands.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is the latest addition to Instagram content sharing tools. TikTok has already proven that people love to share video content. Instagram reels have proven to be just as popular. You can add music to your content, add multiple clips to create a one-size-fits-all video, and use AR and other filters to make your videos interesting before publishing.

Instagram Reels Gives You Access:

  • Effects: Instagram Reels provides access to a variety of filters and AR effects that you can use to make your videos look more attractive.
  • Player: Slow down your videos or move them faster using the playback feature.
  • Hours: The timer tool lets you take handless videos. Set the timer, Instagram Reels will set the timer automatically. Shoot your video without having to worry about starting or stopping the video. The video should be within 15 seconds, after which the timer automatically shuts off.
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If the length of your video is less than 15 seconds, you can add several videos to fill the time. You can upload videos you shot outside the app and edit them via Instagram Reels.

How Do You Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature next to the Instagram Story button in Instagram. To find it, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of your Instagram screen. Continue swiping the menu at the bottom of the screen until you reach the Instagram reels. When you reach Instagram Reels, you will find various elements on the left side of the screen.

When you are ready to record your video, all you have to do is click the camera button. As you shoot your video, you will see a progress bar at the top of the screen. This progress bar shows you how much time you have left before you reach the 15-second time limit. To stop recording your video, you need to click on the camera icon a second time. After recording your clips, you will have access to various editing features. You will also see the ‘Align’ feature. This is useful if you combine different videos to create a new video. The alignment feature allows for a smooth transition between two video clips.

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When your video is less than 15 seconds, you can add more videos to your video to create a 15 second longer video. You can add another video by clicking on the camera icon again after shooting your opening video. You can add as many videos as you like as long as the final video lasts 15 seconds or less.

Once your 15 second video is ready, you can proceed to editing as it is time to press the ‘Next’ button! If you reach 15 seconds after shooting your video, Instagram will automatically redirect you to Instagram Reels Editing Tools.

If you want to upload your own videos to Instagram Reels, click the ‘Upload’ button.

Available editing tools allow you to filter, align, add music, and use filters in your videos. Once you’re done, you can publish your video. You can save your video as a draft, share it on your Instagram story, or post it in your newsletter. Content uploaded from public accounts to Instagram reels will also appear in the Instagram search.

Instagram is one of the most popular ways to market your brand digitally. With the rise of video content on the platform, courtesy of Instagram Story, IGTV and now Instagram Reels, more and more people are posting and watching video content on Instagram.

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The amount of time people spend watching videos has increased by 80%. Various brands have already stimulated Instagram reels to promote their content. Louis Vuitton, Bellman, Sephora and other brands use Instagram Reels to gain Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Top Shop has displayed their catalog on Instagram Reels.

Here’s How To Include Instagram Reels In Your Instagram Marketing Strategy:

Create an Instagram marketing strategy for Instagram Reels

Having your content bucket ready before publishing your video content will help you post on a regular schedule. There are several types of content you can promote using Instagram Reels:

  • How to make videos and tutorials
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Promotional content and searches
  • Video behind the scenes
  • Show your catalog
  • Revealing launch dates
  • Collaborating with influencers and much more!

Since you have so many options, you need to sit down and be idealistic about how you want to promote your brand. The perfect Instagram Reels strategy should make full use of the available features. Content that brings you more Instagram followers and more Instagram likes will help you grow and visibility your brand.

Use your content from TikTok

One way to promote your brand with regular content is to recreate the content you have already created for TikTok. The multi-platform brand helps you reach out to real Instagram followers. Don’t worry about your Instagram followers overlapping with Tic TikTok. Authenticity and what is real and accessible is what keeps you focused on Instagram. If you already have a high quality video ready to go, why not make the most of it?

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Start a new challenge

Challenges on Instagram are popular. To create a popular challenge, you also need to think about relevant hashtags. If you can work with one or more influencers to promote your challenge, you will be able to make it even more popular.

Collaboration with influencers

The influencers on Instagram are huge. Micro-influencers these days often reach out to brands and businesses. Micro Influencer usually has about 50,000 followers. The advantage of working with a micro-influencer is that they build close relationships with their audience. The content they share has high connection rates. If you can find a micro-influencer who has Instagram followers in your area, you can organically grow your account with real Instagram followers.

Micro influencers are more affordable than the top influencers or celebrities on stage.

Display your catalog

Brands like Top Shop have already made this a huge success. One of their videos received over 1.7 million views. For example, if you have a fashion brand, creating a combination of people wearing your clothes in a 15 second clip will help you show off different clothes in a single position.

Go for popular content

If you want your Instagram Reels videos to become popular fast, then you can create content that naturally generates more lead. For Instagram, how-to videos are the most popular and follow-up content behind the scenes. Make short videos on how people can connect with your products, you can get more real Instagram followers. Instagram Reels is still a new feature. Brands learn how to use it to promote their content, and you can stay ahead of them by maximizing lead generation through Reels’ Instagram marketing. Remember to create authentic content and connect with the people who link to your content. Consider posting content regularly, and stick to your Instagram marketing schedule to constantly grow your Instagram account. With Instagram Reels, you now have a new way to get more real Instagram followers and get more Instagram Likes.

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