Examining the Finer Points of Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is undoubtedly one of the most widely discussed topics across the Internet. Vital for online exposure and crucial if you hope to rise above your competitors, little should be left to chance. There are nonetheless times when it pays to appreciate the finer points of SEO from a more technical perspective.

What are some additional ways in which you can increase the exposure of your digital business? We will examine for different strategies as well as the unique benefits of each.

Ensure a Recognisable URL

The URL of a website can be viewed as its digital “anchor”. After all, this is the initial point of contact between the business and the potential customer. Selecting relevant domain names and authoritative suffixes should therefore represent one of the first steps when building a solid brand identity. Although this may require a bit of time and a fair amount of brainstorming, the long-term efforts will certainly pay off.

Keywords and More Keywords

One tenet of any successful SEO campaign involves appreciating which keywords are the most relevant in relation to your business as well as the type of content that you intend to publish. Note that keywords will also have a direct impact upon your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Still, keep in mind that such words will change from time to time. Some may likewise lead to greater exposure when compared to others. This is why using a keyword research tool is often a wise choice.

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Appreciating the Latest Google Algorithms

Google is by far the largest search engine on the Internet. This is why paying attention to how it chooses to rank websites is so important. Here are some of the metrics which Google tends to analyse:


  • The length of the URL.


  • Inbound and outbound links.


  • The proper keywords (as mentioned above).


  • HTML elements such as meta titles and meta descriptions.


  • Clickthrough rates.


While these appear quite technical in nature, the effects upon the status of your site are very real. Google algorithms operate behind the scenes, so be sure to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Use Website Analytics to Your Advantage

As we have just seen, there are numerous ways in which the performance of your site will be determined. The problem here is that wrapping your head around even the most common website analytics can be challenging (to say the least). There may also be instances when you cannot afford to employ a dedicated in-house SEO specialist. In such a case, the best alternative is to leverage online tools such as Google Analytics that are free to use. These will shed a great deal of light upon which pages are performing how they should as well as if any sections of your website need to be enhanced.

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Search engine optimisation has evolved over the years and there is little doubt that future changes will be made. Remaining one step ahead of the curve is therefore the best way continue down the path of long-term success.