lpu distance education mca fees structure

Is the fee structure for MCA in lpu is reasonable?

Acquiring knowledge is essential to any individual. It is now possible with the distance education program at Lpu University. All the post-graduation courses are available in the distance stream, and the students can benefit from the mode of learning. It provides multiple openings to the students who wish to join the learning program in an online manner. MCA is such a degree that it includes the benefits of computer applications in the entire field.

Fees structure in Lpu

The post-graduation course for MCA in Lpu is a two tears program that is comprised of four semesters. It is best to know the lpu distance education mca fees structure to join the course. The fee for the first two semesters of the study includes Indian rupees 13,650. Unlike the other universities, Lpu offers the system at an affordable rate. The candidate can select the mode of payment either by paying online or by manual process.

You need to download the form from the official website for the admission process. Fill in the form with all the necessary details for official verification. The credentials will be verified by the staff of the organization for continuing the admittance process.

Syllabus for MCA in online mode

The study pattern includes fundamentals of IT, object-oriented programming, and computer organization in the first-year program. The program will be in the elaborated form in the following subjects.

  • Operating system
  • Programming in C
  • Database management systems
  • Data and file structures
  • Software engineering
  • Discrete mathematics
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You can get the lpu distance education mca fees structure to develop the aspiring skills related to computer utilization. The specialty behind the system is that the learner can complete the degree within the period, or they can extend the course to a limited period of four years. They should not exceed the system beyond the mentioned period.

Well-trained faculties are available online to teach the candidates in aspects of the course. You can clear your doubts by preferring proper guidance from the teaching profession. It will help you score better marks in the final year examinations in achieving a good percentage of marks.

Benefits of the course

As it is a digital era, the utility of computers in the entire field is invariable. Detailed wisdom about the system operation and the hardware is necessary to understand by the knowledge seeker. The MCA program is designed to get expertise in handling all the software uses and hardware complaints. It is better to select the lpu distance education mca fees structure in the lateral entry process.

The disciples who come out with an excellent percentage of marks get placements in the famous corporate companies with highly paid salaries in the relevant field. The applicants can undertake an internship with the topmost companies in their second year of study. It will gain them the needed work experience in a professional way. The candidates can also get chances to get elected by the foreign companies based on their academic performances.

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