Smartphone Accessories for TikTok Video Maker

Are you planning to buy smartphone accessories for making TikTok videos? If you really want to make the best TikTok video it not means that you have to buy tons of lighting equipment. You need to buy not only some smart gadgets but also on budget. You need to find a place to set up your phone for recording purposes at a stable place. Remember don’t forget to buy a Bluetooth microphone and Cell phone stand in good quality for duets and singing.  All these cell phone accessories you can easily purchase online and from your near local electronics market. When you use these add-ons you can make professional TikTok within few minutes.

In this article, we will discuss all the latest and required accessories for making TikTok. Keep reading to learn more.

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Top Smartphone Accessories for TikTok Video Maker:

  1. Led Ring Light with Tripod Stand:

It is the primary accessory for anybody who wants to take his TikTok experience to the next level. You select the perfect ring light for your needs. You can set your phone in a position that provides you the best angle for fine-tune your framing, viewing, and hit record.

These stands are compact and you can carry them with you at all times. If you record your TikTok at various places then Gorillapod stand is best and suitable for you. It includes a tripod that installs up to two devices to transmit your video on various platforms.

 You can adjust the color temperature from 2700k to 5500k. Using supplied Bluetooth remote you can get photos remotely.

  1. Adjustable Phone Tripod:
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This tripod is able you to record anywhere with your smartphone. It is easily adjustable and bent to fit just about anywhere. Many foodie TikTok creators use these adjustable phone tripods to carry their phones smoothly with them while doing the recording. 

  1. Selfie Ring Light:

If you don’t want to set up an entire ring light then you can use this Selfie ring light. You can attach this to your phone. Its super flash offers you perfect lighting.  You can take photos or videos in dark areas. It has 6 super bright LED bulbs for creative photography or videography.

  1. Wireless Earbuds:

Wireless earbuds are useful for using high-quality sound. You can listen to music and groove things without having to be close to your phone.

  1. Led Room Lights:

While recording your TikTok you may saw the trend of using LED strings. It will help you to make fun transition videos, background mood that perfect setting for your recording. Even you can use it for making your own TikTok cloud wall.

  1. Portable Charger:

While recording and practicing different TikTok dances many times your battery is down. At that time this portable charger is best to give your device extra juice.

  1. Bluetooth Microphone:
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As we all know that sound is an important aspect of recording videos. Your video should have great sound and also look cute. The Bluetooth microphone is perfect for singing TikToks or funny videos.

 Many people using their smartphone audio which results in muffled audio that frustrating to their viewers. Bluetooth microphone recordings are much clearer and concise in quality of audio. It can capture the audio directly from your phone. It can directly connect with your phone.

  1. Selfie Flash:

It is like a ring of light that provide you extra lighting to your scene. Many singers or influencers use it for their excellent results.

  1. Stylish Case:

While doing recording some time it might make an appearance in a mirror Selfie. You should have a cute phone case fit for the TikTok. Try to purchase some TikTok trends or aesthetic cases. We are using our Smartphones whole the day for recording TikTok so we have to provide more protection to our gadgets. 

These cases are waterproof as you can record at the beach or doing any other water sport. It is configured with an anti-reflective optical glass lens for crystal clear photography.

  1. Phone Lens Attachment:

These phone lens attachments are very useful while you are traveling, doing something creative at home. It will offer you a wide-angle lens for variety when shooting. You can easily clip right onto your phone.  No doubt, DSLR and mirror less cameras are the most important gadgets for capturing the best photos and videos. But it is not compact enough to take everywhere. 

Thanks to the technology! There are plenty of mobile lenses that help you to emulate the versatility of mirror less cameras and DSLR. These kits are 11 in 1 mobile camera lens kits. This lens kit is compatible with 99% of popular mobile phones in the market. 

These smartphone lens kits are compatible with most phones. You can easily clip it onto your phone and capable to be positioned over the built-in camera within few minutes. If you want to take landscape and group shots then these wide-angle lenses are very useful. 

These ultra-wide-angle lenses extremely support photos and videos. You can take a closer look at a distant object with a telephoto lens on your phone. Many people want to get close-up pictures so they use a macro lens.

  1. Selfie Stick Stabilizer:
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If you are looking for both a Selfie stick and tripod then it is an unbeatable accessory. You can take horizontal and vertical photos while recording the TikTok. These gimbals ensure stabilized videos while walking and doing some activities. It has a built-in Bluetooth controller that separates from the area you are taking photos and recording videos.

  1. Smartphone Gimbals:

Many people have questions that, how to make transitions on TikTok? Using smartphone gimbals for creating the most cinematic and impactful TikTok recording. As we know that when we are using our smartphone for video it will bumpy, blurry and distracting. For resolving this issue we use gimbals smartphone videos that look smooth and professional. 

This smoothness is due to the 3-axis stabilization that supports the smoothness. Your smartphone gimbals can move intuitively as your phone walk through your shoot. It will also help you differentiate between unwanted and intentional movements. 

This is the secret for how to make a perfect slow-mo on TikTok. Smartphone gimbals feature is dedicated to the following modes, connectivity to smartphone apps, and also foldable. These all features are really helpful for mobile content creation and advanced operation.

  1. Selfie Stick:

Today we all want to save our memorable moments on our phones. This Selfie stick featured with remote control, tripod, 3-in-1 travel, and tabletop. It has a 220⁰ adjustable turret and a 360⁰ rotatable smartphone holder. 

It provides you a huge range of shooting angles. You can also select a vertical or horizontal phone mode for the best angle photos.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is the most popular platform in recent years among youth. If you really want to do make a high-quality video then you should have all the best Cell phone accessories with you. Presently more than 500 million users are using TikTok. These best accessories encourage your creativity while making videos. There are a lot of TikTok accessories in the market such as Selfie stick, phone lens attachment, and LED ring light with tripod cell phone stand.

Thanks for reading!

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