Why is Physics Seen as a Nightmare?

For a science student, physics serves as a nightmare subject. Many of us in our intermediate exams prefer to avoid this subject until we don’t get the exam date, and at the last minute, we try to mug up formulas, numerical, and diagrams. The main issue with not doing well in physics is a lack of interest due to not knowing the general and basic concepts. For example, we can learn the speed time formula, but many students will not be able to derive its formula and application. So the issue is that it’s either physics or any other subject we can command only when studied in the right way. When talking about physics, it requires a strong base in math and science. The concepts of physics are time taking and you might want to escape them at first but once you start building basics and clearing fundamentals there is no way that you start loving this subject. Here in this article, we are listing different ways that will help you to score well in the physics examination


Reason for Failing in Physics

  • You need to have a clear and strong base.
  • It involves critical thinking, and sometimes questions are elementary, but due to lack of confidence, students fear to attempt it.
  • It requires a clear understanding of laws, derivation skills in drawing, and interpretation of graphs.
  • It is a very cumulative subject where every topic is related. Students can only understand if they get clear in the previous concept with help of their online teaching classes ex – laws of motion are more dependent on the moment of inertia than optics is related to light. Thus each topic is somewhere related to each other.
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How to Score Well in this Subject?

  • The most important thing is that students have to develop a habit of attempting questions, reading concepts, and solving problems that are very important to build confidence and help make concepts right.
  • Although physics requires a lot of mathematics, it is also important to remember that it also requires a broad understanding of principles, laws, and derivatives. It is built upon a handful of laws, and students must be clear to understand them all.
  • We know that one can learn 60% of the topic in the classroom. So make sure to present physically and mentally in the classroom and make sure to make notes to better understand and for further use.
  • If math is a wall between you and physics, then break that wall. Work on math; there are only a few co-related topics, such as algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. Just work on them, start from the basics and then attempt high-level questions, which will help you learn the topic well.
  • Prepare wisely – well, it is said that it’s never too late to start, but in exams, it can affect if you start your preparation a day before. Just remember the more time you give to the subject, there is more probability of getting excel in that subject.
  • Prepare in advance – always try to prepare for the exam in advance. Prepare yourself to deal with the paper at a limited time. When you start preparing for the exam at an early phase, you have the time to assess yourself and recognize the area of interest, and it also provides sufficient time to resolve doubts with the teachers.
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There is no subject which is very hard or easy. Maybe some subjects require hard work or more time to understand, but constant and sufficient practice can make students excel in every way. To know the student’s progress, you can take the help of school management software and help them on the right path to achieve their goals. In addition, students have to keep patient and have to work on weaknesses and be confident in the subject, and thus they can easily command that subject.