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Best Practises for Link Building in 2022

With the amount of information available online figuring out a link building strategy for your business can be extremely difficult, especially if SEO is not in your realm of expertise. In this short guide we will be talking about some best practices for link building that will allow you to make better decisions prior to securing links that point back to your internal pages you are trying to rank for SEO. With that said let’s get started by first getting an understanding of what link building is.

What is Link Building

Quite simply, backlinking is the process of securing external links from other websites that point to yours. An example of this is seen here. When clicking the term “Brampton SEO” it links to another website. This is considered a backlink. Backlinks are similar to the idea of votes in the eyes of Google. The more votes you have the more trustworthy your site and the more likely Google will reward you with a higher ranking on the search engine. Keep in mind however, that the quality of a backlink matters and the type of votes and where they are from play a huge part in determining whether or not your links are effective. Here are some factors to be conscious of when securing backlinks to your website.

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Factor #1 – Link Relevancy

When securing a backlink make sure that the link you get is from a website that is RELEVANT to your industry. If you own a pet store, consider reaching out to bloggers about pets, or organisations that provide pet related services. Getting a relevant link always is better than getting a high domain authority link from a completely unrelated website. Not only does a relevant link put your website in the eyes of potential customers, but it also indicates to Google what the nature of your content is about.

Factor #2- Domain Authority and Organic Visitors

Another factor to be conscious of when building a backlink is the domain authority of a backlink. Based on experience it is recommended to go after a backlink with a minimum domain authority of 25+. Anything lower should be avoided. Additionally, going after backlinks from sites that have at least 1000 organic monthly visitors is definitely ideal. Not only can these visitors potentially visit your site, but it signifies to Google that you are getting a backlink from a real website with real search traffic as opposed to PBN’s or Web 2.0s.

Factor #3 – Number of Referring Domains

Lastly, when securing a backlink, make sure that you get one from a website that has at least 50 referring domains. The reality is, Google is always looking for sites that interconnect with one another and having a site backlink from a website that has a lot of organic keywords and referring domains will only do you justice. This is because the link juice from these sites will also be transferred over to you, giving your website a stronger sense of authority in the eyes of Google.

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All in all make sure to keep these factors in mind the next time you decide to acquire some backlinks. We also recommend working with an SEO agency who knows the ins-and outs of backlink building for your business. Having said that, one agency that comes to mind is Click Typhoon which is a local Mississauga SEO and Hamilton SEO Agency that is well established and fully capable of providing whatever services you may need. If you have been looking for a reliable SEO and digital marketing agency don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Happy link building!