10 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing in 2022

Marketing is a must to drive any business forward. Without proper and innovative marketing of products and services, companies will struggle to survive. Strategic marketing is essential for businesses because it helps them reach out to the right target audience. It helps you develop content based on your audience’s preferences.


One of the most successful strategic marketing methods is video marketing. Online video marketing is an asset for businesses. It helps yield better revenue and a wider, loyal consumer base. Currently, 93% of marketers have adopted a video marketing strategy. Out of this, nearly 89% of businesses have given positive feedback about video marketing, and they agree that video content has worked well to drive consumer engagement.


The success of video marketing is phenomenal. A majority of top marketers feel that video marketing is the best investment for lead generation. More than 94% of businesses agree that due to video marketing, there is more user connection and understanding of products and services. The year 2020 saw a surge in businesses using video marketing. This is because businesses became more aware of the digital connection with their consumers, especially during the pandemic.


Reasons why you need video marketing in 2022:

  1. Higher conversion rates: Just posting a video can drive conversion for your brand. Using data analysis, businesses can keep track of the impact of video marketing. Product inquiries, user approach, purchases, and reviews shoot up for online businesses. According to studies, adding video content to the business increases purchase rate by 144%. If you don’t use video to generate sales, you are missing out.
  2. Google loves video content: Adding videos to your brand’s websites makes it almost 60% more likely to be visible on the first page of search results. Google’s algorithm ranks content with videos higher than text or images. So, there’s absolutely no excuse for you to not include a video marketing strategy to draw in a larger audience.
  3. More creativity and innovation in video marketing: Some video making artists tend to be very unconventional when it comes to unique ideas related to the brand image and marketing. Your business needs such ideas. The novelty of such content means that your audience’s interest will be piqued, and they will come back for more.
  4. Higher availability and flexibility: Videos are easily more popular than any other form of content. Since they are also easily available across social media platforms, most people prefer them to other content. Therefore, as a brand, it is much more lucrative for you to showcase your brand here than spend money on TV or traditional print ads.
  5. Easy to Share: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most used platforms for video marketing. Since content is easy to share on these platforms, most users prefer them. There are features like one-click view options which take users to other apps and platforms easily. This encourages users to be more active and participate. People on Instagram engage more with videos than any other type of content. Shorter videos and clips are the easiest ones to be viewed, and enhance your brand image in a short period of time.
  6. Stronger bond and trust among consumers: An innovative video advertisement establishes a bond between the brand and the customer. Initially, users were wary of shopping online or engaging with anyone they had no prior transaction history with. This has changed  with video content and ads, as they have helped establish a stronger connection among consumers and faith in the brand. Video marketing provides confidence to those consumers who are skeptical about the product and encourages them to begin their journey with the brand.
  7. Feeds people’s curious nature: Thanks to effective video marketing strategies, consumers are more curious and updated about the latest trends and information. Videos of pre-launch products can be shot and posted on websites or platforms to create a sense of curiosity in user’s minds. A short video with a suitable storyline or example can convey new offers, discounts and feedback . As it is rightly said, curiosity is the engine of achievement. Leveraging curiosity is a great way to deliver your brand effectively.
  8. Helps build an attractive brand image: According to reports, many users want to see their favorite brands publishing video content for entertainment and engagement purposes. This is especially true for beauty, make-up and apparel brands. Consumers want to see high-quality videos in the form of tips, DIY videos, or reviews to help them make informed decisions. So, it is a must to invest in high-quality videos to build an attractive brand image. A video editor can help you develop professional-quality videos in no time.
  9. Better comprehension via videos: Videos are super easy to consume. Even the busiest and laziest consumer can understand a product within a few seconds after watching a video, rather than reading a long instruction manual. Videos make the information simple and easy to understand. So, instead of spending money on a brand ambassador to explain your product, you could develop a great how-to video that gives the audience all the details. You could even work with an influencer to come up with a video showcasing your product. This is likely to be much more effective than any other traditional method.
  10. Appealing to mobile users: Videos are flexible enough to be viewed anywhere, anytime, and any number of times. Users love watching videos on mobile phones, as it is more accessible and convenient. This creates more demand for video content. There is a high probability that users who watch videos on mobile phones will share the content with others, so you can be assured of double the publicity if you create a video.
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Video marketing is a new-age way to gain more visibility. If you haven’t started your video marketing journey, you must invest in the right tools to create professional-quality videos. As the world is increasingly moving to the digital space, you need to make sure you become part of the revolution, or risk being left behind.