The low-cost way to increase content viewership

Subtitles are the text provided alongside a video in the original language or translated for new audiences worldwide. Professional subtitling services increase the number of views achieved by content. But what specific advantages do subtitles have, and how do they improve viewership as well as audience engagement?

Who are the subtitles for?

Severe hearing impairments are one of the reasons for using subtitles in content. According to WHO estimates, this is 5% of the world population, and by 2050 they will be 10%. But, according to a BBC study, about 10% of TV viewers regularly turn on subtitles, and 35% of the audience watches children’s content with this feature. Using subtitles will allow new audiences to view your content who didn’t have this option before.

Subtitles help viewers watch films and TV shows to learn foreign languages and keep quiet when the sound cannot be turned on in a public space. Most importantly, subtitle services will also allow content producers to create versions of their work that global audiences can understand. There is no better way to increase views than by increasing the potential size of your audience with translation.

In addition, the laws of some countries directly oblige operators and channels to add subtitles to all or part of programs. For example, such requirements exist in the USA and Canada. To get the best subtitling services, you need to turn to professionals.

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The Benefits of subtitles & increasing content viewership

Professional subtitle services with accurate translation can provide your content with many benefits. They include:

  •     Watch movies and series in the original language. Speech in content carries not the only meaning. The original acting carries the emotion and performance, but a dubbed or overdubbed film may lose details that affect perception. However, subtitles allow the viewer to watch content with the original performance.
  •     In some audio-visual projects, subtitles translate the speech of characters speaking non-existent languages.
  •     Learning foreign languages. Foreign films with original voice acting help to understand speech by ear better. Subtitles can be in the native language of the viewer, in the original language, or even both.
  •     Online audio-visual content can benefit from subtitles as they count toward extra keywords for SEO. This can help your videos appear higher in search rankings and therefore increase viewership.
  •     View video without sound. Some people do not turn on the sound while watching because they are in public. Subtitles allow for silent viewing.
  •     The more languages your content’s subtitles are available in, the more people can watch it worldwide. This is one of the best ways to increase viewership.
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Using subtitles to your advantage is a great way to increase viewership. From having new audiences worldwide engage in your content to providing accessibility to those who are hard of hearing. Subtitles have the power to boost the success of your work and get more eyes on your content. Discover subtitle services today!