Top 5 Features of Android Spy App You Must Know

Android spy apps are available in cyberspace by making a single search on the web. You will get to know it has become tough to choose and use the best cell phone tracking app on your target mobile device. Do you know why mobile tracking app has become trendy?

The cellphone devices have made communication verbal and non-verbal than ever before. People nowadays are using mobile phones for a variety of reasons. Few use it as source of information and for data storage, and most of us use them for entertainment. One way or the other, everyone has to have a cellphone device no time ever before.

Youngsters are second to none when it comes to the usage of smartphone devices connected to cyberspace. You can see everyone has a cellphone, and they use it frequently using an internet connection. You need to think for a while that what you do if someone has stolen your phone or you would have lost it anywhere. Moreover, what would you do if you want to track someone’s activities on a mobile device connected to cyberspace:

Can I track and monitor cellphone legally without being intrusive?

You would be frustrated and panic for a while, and you will have no way out to monitor your cellphone. You can save yourself and get rid of all the frustration and anxiety you have in your mind using the android spy app. Track and monitor mobile legally if you have got legitimate tracking software for cellphone. It empowers you to track your lost or theft cellphones.  Further, you can do surveillance of any phone to the fullest.

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It means you can monitor someone’s phone using a cell phone tracker, and that is for sure.

Is not a great solution for your problem?

The benefits of the cell phone monitoring app are speechless, but today we discuss the top 5 features of the TheOneSpy android spy app that you must know. Moreover, you must install monitoring software on your cellphone because it would be handy for you at any point in time.

 Here are the following features of mobile tracking app that you need to know

GPS location tracker

It is one of the best features of phone tracker software. It empowers you to track the location of your target device with pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, you can track target device location history, weekly and daily location. It has further few features given below:

  • Real-time location
  • Location history monitoring
  • Location tracker without GPS
  • Track location using SMS
  • Route map tracker

Benefits of TheOneSpy location history tracking

It enables parents to know about the hidden whereabouts of kids without them knowing. You can monitor the real-time location of your lost phone. You can watch the accurate location on the Google Map. Parents can use it to trace kids to keep them safe in surrounding neighborhoods from stalkers and sex –offenders.

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Employers can use it to monitor and track the location of their employees working outside the company. You will get to know the real-time location of your employees during working hours to avoid time-wasting.

Social media monitoring Feature

Social media tracking features empower you to do surveillance on someone’s cellphone device active with the instant messaging apps. You can read and track message logs, chat conversations, voice calls, media sharing, and voice messages with the schedule. Users can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, and many more.

Benefits of TheOneSpy social media spy

Parents can use social media monitoring on kid’s cellphone. Further monitor every activity they perform on instant messaging apps.  It enables parents to protect teens from sex –offenders, stalkers, and sexual predators. Moreover, protect kids from sharing privacy and nudes on social networks secretly.

Employers can use the feature to prevent employees from data sharing, time-wasting, and improve the productivity during working hours. Employees used to waste hours and hours on social media networks on business-owned phones. Moreover, record and listen to employee’s voice calls, and read the communication.

Live screen recorder

Screen recorder is one of the best features of phone tracker software that allow you to access phone cameras front and back and take over it to the fullest. You can use it to record back-to-back videos and send the recording to the web control panel.

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How screen recording benefits users?

Parents can use live screen recording software to know what kids and teens are doing on target mobile devices. TheOneSpy empowers you to protect teens from cyber bullying and prevent them from adult content. It further lets you know about real-time activities on the cellphone screen.

This is the best feature of the android spy app for employers because they can know the live activities of employees on business-owned devices. Employers can read text messages files sent and received calls, emails, passwords, and the use of instant messengers.

Surround recorder

The end-user can use a phone tracking app and access the surround recording solution. It can control the target cellphone microphone, and record surround voices and sounds, and send data to the web portal.

Benefits of TheOneSpy surround recording

Parents can use this app to listen to the surrounding voices and conversations of kids when they are away from home to know what they are doing at the moment.

Employers can use it to listen to the employee’s secret conversations with fellow workers during working hours.

Browsing history tracker

It monitors and tracks real–time visited websites and bookmarked webpages on cellphone browsers.

How are phone browsing history benefits?

It helps out parents to know what types of websites kids are visiting with the schedule. Employers can use it to prevent the time-wasting activity of employees during working hours. It enables users to monitor and track every installed browser to the fullest.

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TheOneSpy android spy is the best spy solution for parents and employers nowadays. Parents can safeguard kids from predators, and online dangers, and employers can use it to keep tabs on employees during working hours and increase the productivity of their business.