Hybrid Event

7 Things to Think About When Preparing for a Hybrid Event

By, now everyone is well aware of hybrid events and their impact in the near future. Undeniably, hybrid events will be the next big thing in the coming times for the event industry. Even after the world recovers from the halt of the pandemic, large gatherings seem impossible for some time. As per the latest survey, 72% of the event organisers said that they will likely have virtual aspects attached to their live physical events in the future. 


A hybrid event is a perfect combination of live physical as well as virtual events. It brings both the set of attendees together in a single frame. Hybrid events are organised at an onsite location and are paired with a virtual component. It allows a small percentage of attendees to be a part of the event by visiting the on-site location. Whereas a large percentage of attendees will access the event from their remote locations.  


The merits offered by hybrid events are many. Right from extended reach to substantial ROI, hybrid events have much more to offer. The benefits offered by hybrid events are not possible to achieve with in-person events. To host a successful hybrid event, effective planning, strategy, promotions, and leveraging the right hybrid event platform is a must.


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Whether you are planning to host a hybrid conference or a hybrid trade fair, exhibition, or any other event, a comprehensive hybrid event platform offers all. An event planner must think strategically to engage both the set of attendees with the event. Negligence on the part of any set of attendees results in a drop in the event and you are most likely not achieve the results you desired. 


In this blog, we have covered 7 things that you must take into account while preparing for a hybrid event. It will help in ensuring a successful event that delivers optimal results. So let’s get started with a few tips and tricks to host a successful hybrid event and engage attendees effortlessly. 


Things to keep in mind while hosting hybrid events


We have listed a few things below to consider while preparing for a hybrid event. Have a look:

  • Select the right in-person & virtual venue for your event 


Firstly, selecting the right in-person and virtual venue is the first step to ensure a successful hybrid event. While selecting an on-site venue make sure the place has strong internet connectivity as the event has a virtual component attached to it. And a large segment of attendees will participate in the event right from remote locations. However, in today’s time ensure that the physical venue you select is fully sanitized and safe.


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Now, it comes to select the right virtual hybrid event platform for your virtual attendees around the globe. Go with a platform that offers a wide range of data analytics, networking, and engagement features. It will help in keeping your virtual attendees hooked with the event throughout and measure event performance. You can integrate quizzes, live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, virtual games, and more into your hybrid event.

  • Create an engaging and compelling content


Curate engaging and informative content for your hybrid event by keeping both virtual as well as in-person attendees in mind. It will help in engaging attendees effortlessly with the event thus delivering a brand message effectively to them. If your event content is knowledgeable and engaging, your attendees are likely to enjoy it and stay with the event for longer hours. 

  • Do not forget to offer networking and engagement options during the event 


Offer engagement as well as networking opportunities for attendees during the hybrid event. Allow your virtual attendees to interact with each other in real-time just like physical attendees. Offer various networking options to them to have free-flowing discussions and foster meaningful business relationships. 


Additionally, integrate various opportunities for engagement during the hybrid events to gain maximum out of your events. You can integrate engaging features such as a social wall, photo booths, virtual games, leaderboard challenges, and more into your hybrid events.

  • Create an effective promotion strategy 
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Promoting your event the right way is a must to make your event reach the right set of attendees. If your potential attendees are not aware of your upcoming event then it does not matter how good your event is. It will not deliver expected results. Creating an effective promotion strategy is a must to deliver optimal results. Leverage social media channels where your potential attendees are present to promote your event. Apart from it, you can even opt for traditional ways of marketing the hybrid event such as email marketing, word-of-mouth, etc.

  • Research before finalising the date & time of your event


It is advised to brainstorm and do a little research before picking your event date. Make sure your event does not fall on the same date as a competitor’s event or any national holiday. It will help in adversely affecting your event attendance. Additionally, if you are targeting global attendees keep time zone considerations in mind. Select a time that allows a maximum number of potential attendees to be a part of your hybrid event. 

  • Do rehearsals beforehand and do a dry run


Once you have hired a virtual and in-person venue and invested in your promotion strategies, it’s time to rehearse. Do as many rehearsals as possible to achieve maximum out of your hybrid event. Schedule rehearsals with your speakers as well. It will help in making them comfortable with the new event format. Additionally, always remember to do a dry run before the hybrid event to ensure all the technical equipments are in place. It helps in ensuring a smooth event without any glitches. If any issues are found during the dry run, you are left with the time to fix them before the actual event.

  • Make your virtual attendees aware of the event format
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Send a video guide to your registered virtual attendees via email to make them aware of the event patterns. Not all attendees are tech-savvy and some might face trouble while navigating the event virtually. The video guide will help them to explore the various aspects of the event without any trouble. Thus ensuring a smooth user journey. 




Hybrid events are the next big trend and with time it is likely to bloom. We have listed 7 essential things to think about while planning hybrid events. If it’s your first time, the tips mentioned above will help you out!