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All about Job Board WordPress Theme

for job hunting, thus such WordPress platforms can prove to be a helpful tool.

Hence, using dedicated Job board theme can create ease for the employees and talent seekers. A user-friendly site layout can aid the visitors in easy navigating and applying to different job roles through the site. job board wordpress theme

So, if you are looking for all such features, then this article can guide you more about this topic in detail. Also, Nokri by script bundles can prove as one of the premium job board WordPress themes for your work.

So, let’s get down and explore more about it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Job Board Theme  

As we know that the main purpose of such themes is to transform the layout and overall look of the website according to your relevant industry. Hence, customizing the design and visual appearance of your job portal platforms can enhance the online presence of the site.

Whether it is the topography, images, colors, or page styling all help in giving an updated, attractive and modern touch to the site.

The Importance of Increasing the User Experience of Your Site(Opens in a new browser tab)

This will help the employers in multiple ways like:

  • Selecting the correct theme for your job portal sites can help increase the appeal of your platform and hence, increasing visitor engagement in the posted content. Adding features of job alerts in your themes and sending them to your mail can keep you in touch with all the relevant opportunities.
  • We know that there are millions of such themes available online and you don’t have to go through the hassle of understanding all the technical PHP or CSS files. Hence, you can easily deploy it from the theme directory on your page to enjoy increased functionalities.
  • Through job boards sites you can set up your personalized company page and talk about your core values and organizational cultures on your customized themed sites. This will showcase your brand’s style and attract more applicants to your platform.
  • Word press Themes provide the opportunity to add a wide spectrum of customized features to your job board sites. This includes regular updating job feed and deleting the expired opportunities, installing search tools that provide results according to keywords for job titles, location, salary, and skill levels.
  • These themes help in holding a database of resumes of potential candidates. Hundreds of applicants can sign up and upload their professional experience content on such sites. This can help companies reach out to skilled people that are the best fit for the job. Such themes give a cool & trendy touch to the overall web design.
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Hence, adding themes on job portals can improve the user experience of the customers and increase the volume of job seekers on your site. As a result of this, it will keep both parties (employees & employers) interested for the long haul.

Such visually appealing themes help in driving more traffic to the job boards hence helping in the talent acquisition process.

job board wordpress theme

3 Key Features of Job Board Word Press Themes:

There are multiple amazing options that you can install/add to your WordPress customization themes for online job sites. This includes the following:

  1. Membership & Payments:

Employers post job requirements to make employees aware of what they are seeking in an ideal candidate. This includes job listing where they publish about prerequisite qualification needed, experience required, job title & description of the daily tasks.

But posting a job listing of your own company maybe not be of that much value. However, if you have your own site & you are feature listings third parties job posts then you can earn a handsome amount of revenue. You being an authentic and trusted party can help attract traffic by not engaging in a fake job listing.

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  1. Advanced Search Option & Functionality:

This feature in job boards helps in an optimized search for both hiring managers and candidates. In case your portal has millions of applicants or job listings it can become a really tough task to go through all the data.

Hence, this saves your time and brings you to the desired results within seconds. It helps in filtering out specific employee’s job titles based on your experience level. It will guide job hunters about the latest opening in their relevant fields that best matches their skills.

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  1. Location Filtering

As an employee, you can narrow down the radius of your choice of location depending on your availability. This feature on the job board’s themes allows users to search for in-house or remote opportunities that are near them I.e., within their region, province & city.

This will directly land the user on the basis of their job interests, hence saving their precious time and you can become the first one to apply. Thus, this will increase your chances of getting visible in the eyes of the hiring managers.

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Hence, these characteristics in WordPress themes will save you from never skipping any important or big professional opportunity. Subscribing to email reminders will help you in keeping track of application deadlines.

job board wordpress theme

Below is one of the premium job portal platforms that you can buy for your website.

Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme by Scripts Bundle  

Nokri is a professional, faster & reliable IOS-based application for both recruiters and workers. Top Features of Nokri Platform:

  • Searching Filters: It also has searching filters that help you reach your desired results in a split second. This provides an improved user experience by showing targeted results.
  • Job Suggestion: It recommends relevant openings in your professional field which helps to k stay updated about the current and latest vacancies.
  • Social Logins: This feature allows the users to access the platform by logging in from multiple familiar social media sites. This increased user sign-up and increased registrations.
  • Resumé Builder: It helps to create a professional-looking and updated curriculum vitae of all your past education, skills, and industry experiences.
  • Job Deadline alerts: This will save you from applying for potential opportunities at the last moment. Email reminders can help you keep track of the job hiring dates.

For More Information

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All in all, there are many more features that Nokri offers and hence one can make an outstanding job board WordPress theme website by utilizing them.


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