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How Healthcare Software Improves the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare software development allows healthcare industries to generate huge revenue. It is expected that by 2023, the healthcare software’s market value is going to hit $29.9 billion, with a CAGR of 7.4% from 2018 to 2023.

In this article, we are going to talk about what healthcare software development is, and how it improves the healthcare industry. Read down below to find out all about it.

Important Stats Related to Healthcare Industry

  1. The health tech industry is expected to hit USD $280 Billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 15.9% between 2016–2021
  2. There are more than 50% referral leakage in an average healthcare system.
  3.  More than 80% of errors in the healthcare system are administrative in nature.
  4.   30% of patient visits are uncharted.
  5. Usually 3 out of 10 conducted tests need to be performed again because of lack of critical information.
  6. Healthcare professionals need to fill out nearly 2000 forms every year.
  7. Around $20 is spent on paper document filings for each filing process.
  8. The cause of 80% of serious errors made in healthcare are due to miscommunication in care transitions. These can be reduced with the help of automation in healthcare. 
  9. The wearable custom fitness app market is expected to hit USD 12.44 billion by 2022.
  10. 22% of the population is expected to use chatbots twice more, for engaging with the second most popular industry, healthcare, with retail being at the first position..

How Can healthcare Software Development Help the Healthcare Industry?

Let’s have a look at how healthcare software development can be beneficial for the future of healthcare.

Allows Easy Access to Medical Records and History

Getting clinical information of every single patient physically can turn out to be very tiring and tedious. Software development has allowed to store a patient’s medical records online, which permits doctors and physicians to get to patients records effectively and rapidly. It is likewise also possible to save limitless data on the patients’ clinical history, which stays free from any and all harm as a record that can be accessed whatever required.

Customized Data Helps Reduce the Chances of Error

Healthcare and medical solutions managed by health related IT software can be customized. In this, information and data can be organized and stored as per the needs of a patient or medical company. It’s also worth noting that it is extremely important to make sure that patient information that is saved is authentic and correct, otherwise, incorrect information can result in fatalities. With the use of EHR records, the chances of errors being present in the data saved is reduced dramatically.

Easily Make Appointments with Appointment Booking Software

Booking software’s is broadly being utilized among various clinics and hospitals to facilitate the appointment booking procedure for patients. A booking software  permits patients to book an appointment online with their doctor or therapist effectively through an online website or an application. This way patients don’t have to settle on decisions or stand in long lines at the medical clinic to get their appointment made.

Increased Security and Protection of Patient’s Personal Data and Records 

The clinical information of a patient consists of private data that should be accessible to healthcare specialists only.  Electric Information that is electronically stored can be secured with the use of practices like client verification, user authentication, and that’s just the beginning.

What Is Healthcare Software Development?

Healthcare software development is the development of software designed to fulfill the needs of the healthcare industry. Healthcare software usually consists of health information and medical solutions and is developed for database storage, medical research, database storage, medical billing, equipment planning, and more.


What are Some of the Popular Healthcare Software’s Being Adopted by the Healthcare Industry?

Below mentioned are some advanced healthcare software development services that are being integrated into the healthcare industry. Let’s have a look.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial intelligence is becoming more integrated in the world of healthcare each passing day. Different healthcare organizations, companies, and institutions are effectively adopting AI technology to improve their service and make their operations more efficient. AI is also very helpful in designing human-like solutions and powerful tools.

Al in healthcare also allows healthcare researchers to study relationships between treatment techniques and patient outcome. Other than this, Al deep learning algorithms can assist in diagnosing serious diseases much faster, which results in a shorter diagnosis-treatment-recovery cycle for most of the patients.

Cloud Solutions: Cloud solutions offer a great way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the healthcare industry. Moreover, cloud solutions have made the jobs of healthcare providers less hectic and easier since they allow storage of large chunks of data in a single place, faster access to medical records, and the flexibility to control data scalability.

IoMT: Internet of medical things (IoMT) refers to the incorporation of medical devices and software applications with the internet. IoT helps unlock new dimensions of patient care by providing access to patient’s data and real-time health monitoring. The data gathered by IoT softwares holds a lot of importance for healthcare stakeholders because it helps to enhance healthcare operations, improve patient experience, and  allows medical practitioners to increase revenue opportunities.

Custom Healthcare Software: Custom healthcare software development is very important for the healthcare industry as it helps improve customer experience. With the help of customer healthcare software patients can easily pay bills, make appointments with doctors, access medical records, and much more. Patients are more likely to seek medical help if they are given proper medical attention.

Fitness Tthech: Wearable technologies such as Amazfit, Apple, and fossil smartwatch are slowly becoming the new trend and their increase is expected to multiply tenfold in the future. These, as well as other wearable technologies are allowing patients , doctors, medical companies, and insurers to keep a track of the user’s physical activity and heart rate.

Cloud Solutions: Cloud solutions offer a great way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the healthcare industry. Moreover, cloud solutions have made the jobs of healthcare providers less hectic and easier. They allow storage of large chunks of data in a single place, faster access to medical records, and the flexibility to control data scalability.


Technology has provided countless benefits and opportunities for the world of healthcare. Procedures and medical processes that used to take months, and sometimes even years to complete can now be done in only a matter of minutes. Through adopting the right healthcare software, healthcare companies and businesses can revamp their operations, increase their revenues over time, and much more.

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