Territorial Marketing Essential for Brands in the Tourism Sector

Speaking of territorial marketing nowadays means analyzing a complex strategy that places tourism communication at the center , capable of benefiting greatly from the advent of ever new digital technologies, with the declared aim of making an area interesting , giving voice to those that are its originality and distinctive characteristics (the sea, the cuisine, oil and wine for example).
With a clarification that it is however good to do immediately, because very often the various activities linked to the development of a territorial marketing path are interpreted as ‘ simple promotion’, but this is not the case.

With territorial marketing we mean a set of activities through which a network made up of analyzes and projects – increasingly digital – is built to facilitate the development of a geographical area in the medium to long term.

To understand why territorial marketing is so important for brands in the tourism sector, let’s take an example by looking at the prices of low cost flights: it is easy to understand how the tourist offer has now expanded dramatically in every direction, there is a sea of possibilities within everyone’s reach in which people choose on the basis of the economic aspect but also the experiential one.
In short, the tourism marketing plan made up of events and advertising activities of a single accommodation company is no longer enough to intercept the visitor and it is necessary to develop a network relationship that embraces the territory and tells of it a broader story, a real broader storytelling about the destination tout court.

The role of the internet and social networks in territorial marketing

A well- organized territorial marketing plan – regardless of the sector – will undoubtedly have to take into account the importance and potential of the internet, with a central moment, that of sharing photos and experiences that are able to fascinate and excite the user who, in this specific case, is the tourist.

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Therefore, aiming as protagonists on the main social networks , as they are able to involve any age group (obviously by carefully modulating the message according to our target), in the name of an increasingly ‘experiential’ tourism , that is , designed to escape from traditional paths and which aims to amaze with the typical features and emotions that unusual places can arouse.

Developing a correct territorial marketing strategy can help not only the tourist resort as a whole but also individual brands and accommodation facilities. By proposing the history and local values ​​in unison, creating a strong identity, it will be possible to develop a winning network to strengthen the tourist offer.

For each new digital platform that arises, the way in which users perceive what is around them changes. This is what territorial marketing focuses on : on the way in which people ‘recognize’ a geographical area and its history, elements that are useful for best ‘positioning’ the territory based on the target.

Territorial marketing and experiential tourism: how to define the strategy

It takes time and dedication to develop a correct territorial marketing plan, nothing should be left to chance. It is necessary to study the characteristics of the territory, to establish what the strengths are and which are the weaknesses, but above all it is necessary to clearly state what reasons are at the basis of the tourism marketing project: who is it addressed to and how to do it. Without forgetting that it is necessary to take into account those subjects – public and private – who live in the territory.


The ultimate goal of the territorial marketing plan is in fact to create positive implications for the economic system at the local level and for society. There is a need to enhance and reconvert realities that are no longer representative of the territory or are not used to their full potential: to transform them according to the canons of experiential tourism.

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