The Future is video Numbers and Trends in Video Marketing

The videos are all around us, join us at any time of the day: it is the working environment or that of home entertainment, the campaign video marketing have become the ABC of communication.
In short, no longer individual campaigns linked to a precise need of the moment – such as a certain event – but long-term projects, which increasingly involve the programming of entire series of videos by the company that coordinates them.

That of watching videos on the internet becomes a habit that distorts the perspective also with regard to the creative process.

As per, to understand the extent of this phenomenon, it is sufficient to indicate a few numbers, for example underlining a trend regarding the popular YouTube platform: for every minute that passes, on average, four hundred hours of videos are uploaded. Looking ahead, for 2022, now upon us, it is possible to hypothesize that almost all of the traffic on the internet will be occupied by videos.

But what are the trends to follow in order not to lose the compass? First of all, a key concept, which applies to this as well as to many other sectors: knowing how to differentiate.

Youtube and other network showcases for video marketing

The panorama of the web is limitless, moreover the pure and simple making of videos is now more and more intuitive: everyone can do them, by any means. There are many showcases through which to get in touch with the videos or disseminate them.
Every single social network marketing is able to welcome them, just think of Facebook but also of Tik Tok. Each has its own rules and its audience, which is why it is important to choose well the channel to which to turn, especially when investing in a marketing plan.

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There is also a growing trend regarding the training of personnel for the creation and coordination of videos, such as the so-called “head of video”. These are new corporate figures who ensure the management of sector issues, without the need to turn to external suppliers.
We live in an era where communication is increasingly emotional and interdigital: images, especially if in motion, represent an incredible resource available to marketers.

Video marketing strategies and tips to get you there

The popular YouTube channel is ideal for understanding the video marketing strategies and moods that move the market: it is a free and easy to use platform that requires limited technical knowledge. This without forgetting that monetizing one’s presence still requires a study and research phase.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze the panorama and understand the needs of the target to which it is addressed; then you have to create the right and valuable content. Advice? Try to tell the best and in a synthetic way (often users do not have the active volume, the presence of subtitles is essential) what the identity of the company is through the videos.

The strategy then continues and goes beyond valuable content, which must be correctly conveyed and disseminated with an integrated method, using social networks but also blogs and newsletters. And then, of course, you have to choose a clear title, which immediately makes you understand what you are talking about and which includes – in 60 characters – the chosen keyword.

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